another day of statues at the Musei Capitolini and my “slug” day

Tuesday, June 26th
Tuesday was another hot and muggy day. The weather was also very overcast and a bit cloudy at times. In the morning, I had coffee and a delicious brioche with the woman renting me the apartment at her apartment nearby. Because my apartment was rented starting this Saturday and I wanted to stay in Rome until Monday, she was kind enough to rent me her place for the last two nights since she would be away on holiday. After a lovely chat and a quick tour of how everything worked in her apartment, I headed across the Ponte Garibaldi to explore more of Rome. When making my reservations last February, I also inquired with other apartments in Rome. The owners of one of the apartments were very nice and suggested that we meet for a coffee while I was in Rome. I gave them a call while walking over the bridge and they happened to be in a bar just on the other side. We found each other by calling each other a few time, saying just where we were, and then waving as we got closer. We went to a bar near the Campo to sit and chat for a while. We talked about many things including Rome and Hawaii. They also gave me a few tips on places to see while here as well as a great bookstore to visit. It has been wonderful to meet so many interesting people during my travels, one of the things I love about traveling. After leaving the bar, we headed over to a tea shop that their friend owns. I spent some time in the shop and ended up buying some interesting tea from South Africa.

I then went to an internet place to check on my pictures which I had burned onto CDs. I have the Apacer Disc Steno 200 which can burn pictures from your memory cards. It has worked wonderfully in the past but has been acting up a bit this year only allowing me to burn one card even if there is more space left. I always check to make sure all of my pictures actually have transferred before deleting them from my memory cards. The computer at my apartment is an older computer and does not have a place to insert a CD and so an internet place is the perfect solution. There is one in Piazza Sant’ Andrea near the Campo which Sandra pointed out to me that charges 4.40 euros per hour which is pretty cheap.

After checking on all of my pictures, I decided to go back to my apartment for lunch. I did not want to walk around all day with my CDs and memory cards. I made a Caprese salad. Oh, I wish the Buffalo di Mozarella cheese was available in Hawaii. What a simple and delicious lunch.

In the afternoon, I went to the Musei Capitolini. What a wonderful afternoon! The cost with the audio guide was 13 euros. It was well worth the price. I spent about four hours walking around, taking pictures, and being amazed at so many of the statues and other items on display. The collections are displayed in two buildings with a tunnel underneath that connects the two buildings. You have to go through security first when entering the first building (putting your things through an x-ray machine). The people working there were all very friendly and helpful whenever I was lost. There also is a spot which overlooks the forum. Too bad the weather was so gray and gloomy. It is a great spot for photos.

I had to turn in the audio guide by 7 pm. I could have stayed in the museums for one more hour but I was exhausted. My legs and feet and toes were pretty sore. My ankle by the way has returned to it’s normal size. I guess no more wide shoes for me.

I stopped for a pizza on the way home at Dar Poeta and decided on take out as the skies were getting pretty black and it looked like rain. I ordered a zucchini flower and peperoni (peppers) pizza. I watched some TV after finishing off my pizza. I must have fell asleep almost immediately. I woke up about 1am and crawled into bed for the night.

Wednesday, June 27th
Wednesday was my “slug” day. I think all that walking as well as the heat was finally catching up to me. So, I spent a lazy morning surfing the internet, reading all the latest news and of course catching up on the Red Sox. I also did some laundry, watched a little TV, and went grocery shopping.

Later in the afternoon, I finally ventured out for some sightseeing. It was a beautiful day outside. The weather was finally a little cooler and less humid. I wandered around the Campo, went back to the Pantheon, stopped again to check out that cute elephant, and also went back to the turtle statue.

I decided on Di Giggetto for dinner. I was seated in a nice room inside with a view of an amazing ancient column just outside the window. The waiter was very nice. For appetizers, I had the fiore di zucchina ripiena (fried zucchini blossoms) and the supplì al telefono (rice ball with mozzarella), both which were fabulous. Once I looked at the menu, I finally was able to remember what I had the other night – melanzane all pamigiana (eggplant parmigian). I can’t believe I forgot what I had as it was soooo delicious. I decided on being bold and trying something new. I ordered the fettuccine con i carciofi (pasta with artichokes) which was just ok. It was quite strong and a little too “artichokey” for me. I made a reservation for Saturday night for one more dinner there and one more chance to have their marvelous stuffed zucchini flowers. I was tired when leaving the restaurant and so I crashed again when I got back to my apartment.

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