a “no-no” in Fenway!

I have stayed away from doing any Red Sox blog posts but today was a day for the record books and I just had to comment on an such an amazing feat.

If you are not a baseball fan, let me explain. A “no-no” is a no-hitter. That means that no one on the other team gets a hit during the entire game. The scoreboard will reflect this by a 0 under the H (R H E – Runs, Hits, Errors) on the right side of the scoreboard.

Picture 4

What made this no-hitter even more amazing was that the pitcher accomplishing this feat was a 23-year old kid who was pitching his second game ever in the major leagues. I say kid because he looks like he is 16 or 17!

Clay Buchholz pitched his first ever major league two weeks ago against the Angels. I happened to see that game on TV while staying up on the North Shore. I had been trying to explain baseball to my friends from Italy and was thrilled to find the game on TV when I woke up. I remember commenting about how young he looked as we watched a few innings together while eating breakfast. I didn’t even know he was on the Red Sox roster and had no idea where he came from. I do remember being quite impressed with his pitching though, probably because he looked so young.

After our 4 game skid losing 3 to the Yankees and then a very close game to the Orioles, I wasn’t sure what to think when I heard Clay Buchholz would be pitching again today. I was just hoping for a win and never expected a game as exciting as today’s game ended up being.

There were a few nail biting moments in the game today and of course the last couple of innings were pretty intense. Dustin Pedroia, who in my humble opinion should be rookie of the year, made yet another amazing play which prevented a hit and should make the top 10 plays on ESPN. Coco Crisp certainly did his part out in center field as did the rest of the defense. The offense also helped by scoring 10 runs to take the pressure off Clay and Jason Varitek was an important part of the game, but in the end, the kid made the pitches and threw the no-hitter.


What a thrill for Clay Buchholz, for the Red Sox, and for all of the faithful fans.


And for a little history, Clay Buchholz became the 17th rookie to throw a no-hitter and the third pitcher since 1900 to throw a no-hitter in his first or second major league start. he is 2-0 with his second game as a no-hitter, something many very famous pitchers never accomplish in their lifetimes. Simply Amazing!!

GO SOX!!!!!

3 thoughts on “a “no-no” in Fenway!

  1. now now…I have been good and have kept my comments on the Red Sox off this blog but a no-no, especially to a young kid only pitching his second game ever was something I just had to comment on. :-)


  2. Yes, that is true – quite an accomplishment no matter the team. Should be an interesting post season though! Hmmm…perhaps there will be a time when we can make a small wager.


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