free taco if a base is stolen!

Here is a baseball related tidbit that my be of interest to even non-baseball lovers. Taco Bell is offering a free Crunchy Seasoned Beef Taco to “every legal resident” in the US (50 states + DC) if a base is stolen during the World Series. Crazy huh? Of course, Taco Bell needs to determine that it is an “eligible” stolen base, whatever that means. The other catch seems to be that it needs to be at a “participating” Taco Bell restaurant, again whatever that means.

You can get your free taco on Tuesday, October 30, 2007 if the base is stolen during games 1 or 2 and on November 6, 2007 if the base is stolen during games 3-7. Pick up time is between 2 & 5 pm local time. The fine print also says that if you are in line by 5, you can still get your free taco. Do you think there will be a mob scene at each Taco Bell?

It was pretty funny today listening to two of the Red Sox players discussing this offer in the dugout during the game. They were trying to figure out how this offer could be for real. How would Taco Bell know if you already got a free taco at one Taco Bell and then went to another Taco Bell for another free taco? It actually says in the fine print that Taco Bell has the right to deny you a free taco if the management thinks you already got a free taco. So don’t forget to use a napkin and hide those Taco Bell bags when you go for your second free taco.

Now in no way am I promoting Taco Bell. I personally do not eat at Taco Bell…so please feel free to have my taco if there is a stolen base. Sorry Leslie, you will have to fly to one of the 50 states to get your free taco.

I will update my blog after each game to let everyone know the stolen base situation.

Game 1 – Red Sox 13 – Rockies 1 – no stolen bases.

GO SOX!!!!

One thought on “free taco if a base is stolen!

  1. Oh what a hoot! I’m there reading very carefully about the free taco and then… I see my name! I am still laughing. I really want a taco. We don’t have Taco Bell here, just Subway and KFC and Maccers. I feel deprived.
    Hey, I am doing “The Sandlot Kids” with my students and working on a big cooperation’/team building unit, and one of the activities is an ongoing baseball game we are playing in the afternoons.


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