views from the roof of the Basilica di San Pietro

After taking in the 360 views at the top of the Cupola, my last stop on my ” Cupola climb” adventure was a visit on the roof of the Basilica. Because it was extremely crowded at the top, I was relieved to find a lot of open space down on the roof. This was my favorite part of the climb.

The roof houses a coffee shop, a gift shop, and restrooms. I must comment that I was quite impressed with the cleanliness of the women’s restroom on the day I was there.

While on the roof, you are allowed to walk around, get up close with the statues, and you are rewarded with more incredible views. I spent quite a bit of time just hanging out and enjoying the views.

I also went inside the bar to get a cup of coffee. I mentioned in my July post about a possible trivia question about the roof coffee bar. “Where in Italy will you get an espresso served in a tiny paper cup (and I mean tiny, even smaller than a dixi cup)?” Answer – at the bar on the rooftop of the Basilica.

A few of my favorite pictures from the roof of the Basilica:

Once you are ready to head back down, you again have the choice of taking the stairs or the lift (with a lift ticket). When you take the stairs, you come out right into the basilica. I am not sure where you end up when you take the lift back down. Here is a view of the walk back down.


2 thoughts on “views from the roof of the Basilica di San Pietro

  1. I love all your pictures. :)
    I remember talking to a nun from Australia at the gift shop – or, I think it might have been like a post office? Anyway, I got postcards and stamps from there. It was a LONG time ago. I was in my twenties!


  2. Thanks Leslie. Yes, there were lots of nuns in the giftshop as well as tons of crosses. I didn’t even think to get stamps there.


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