4 thoughts on “a sunny winter day up on the North Shore

    You are at a beach in hawaii, and I am inside in Canberra watching That 70s Show on DVD, wearing a winter dressing gown and explorer socks.
    H’mmm, I do have a bottle of Asti Riccadonna in the fridge calling my name! “L-e-s-l-i-e… come and get me!”


  2. I actually took these pictures last winter. I thought it would be a good time to share with all the snow and cold weather everywhere. The past few days have been pretty windy here, but still nice an warm. I have only had to shut my windows a couple of times so far this winter (since we don’t have heat/fireplaces, shutting the windows is our way of staying warm). I would have loved to share a glass of Asti with you!


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