the Feast of Saint Anthony in the North End of Boston

I was googling Montefalcione, the birth place of my great grandfather, to see if I could find any good pictures of the village to share. I was able to find one nice panoramic shot of Montefalcione posted on a TrekEarth gallery. If you scroll down, you can read The Story of Montefalcione.

As I continued to google, I was astonished to find that there is a direct link between the famous North End St. Anthony Feast and the little village of Montefalcione! A group of Italians from Montefalcione who settled in the North End created the San Antonio Di Padova Montefalcione Society. This is a great link for more information and history on the society and the feast.

I found a few videos and slide shows portraying the feast. This one is my favorite. Warning, the music is very catchy!

The feast takes place the last weekend in Boston in the North End. It’s a huge event, with games, bands, parades, and of course, food. The highlight of the Feast is the ten hour procession of the Statue of Saint Anthony through the streets of the North End accompanied by devotees, marching bands and floats. The Statue of the Saint returns to confetti and streamers cascading from the rooftops. I have many fond memories of the North End, but have never been to this feast. Someday…


2 thoughts on “the Feast of Saint Anthony in the North End of Boston

  1. Hello girasoli,My father was born in Montefalicone his family had a prosetta house there it was a smoke house for hams.My grandmothers maiden name was Ciampa.I am hoping you have information or someone that writes to you about my family.I am planning on going to Montefalicone next year.thank you


  2. Hi Phyllis, nice to hear from you. Unfortunately I dod not have any info on the Ciampa and Giannelli family lines. Good luck with your quest. Lucky you to get to go to Montefalcione. I hope to get back there again some day for another visit. Have a great trip!


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