super tuesday

I found this interesting interactive map on the BBC website showing all of the states involved in Super Tuesday.

The first thing I noticed when looking at the map was that Hawaii seemed to be missing.

Picture 15.jpg

That alone was not surprising to me since I often still see maps of the US with Hawaii and Alaska missing, but on this map, Alaska was part of the map. After looking a little closer, I found Hawaii…above Alaska! It is bad enough when maps show Alaska and Hawaii next to Southern California or by Mexico, but this map could really confuse those who have geography issues.

I still have not forgotten a comment a friend from high school made to me one summer, when I was back in Massachusetts for a visit. She asked me how Hawaii could be such a warm state if it was located right next to Alaska! After my initial shock, I proceeded to give her a little geography lesson. That made me start to wonder just how many other people in the world think that Alaska and Hawaii are located right next to each other.

Back to Super Tuesday… I found this BBC site quite interesting and informative. Check it out if you have some free time. You can either click on one of the states on the map or you can click on one of the states listed in the little scrolling box and the delegate information for that state will show up in the larger box.

So, if you live in a Super Tuesday state, don’t forget to get out there and vote!
Without getting too political, here is a screen shot of one of the widgets on my Mac:

Picture 11

349 days, 20 hours, 37 minutes & 45 seconds until Bush is gone…give or take a few minutes to upload the image and then get this posted. Still too many days if you ask me.

3 thoughts on “super tuesday

  1. Speaking of geographic faux pas…when a friend of mine was on a conference call recently, he was introduced as being from “East Toronto”. My friend corrected this mistake saying, actually he is in Halifax. The man making the introductions said “oh well, that’s close to Toronto”. Oh dear…someone better get that man an atlas for Christmas!


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