game night

Today is “game night”. We started having “game nights” at our school this year on Friday nights every now and then as a way to relax, spend time together in a non-stressful situation, and have fun together. There are board games, wii, this guitar game I just don’t get, and Scrapbooking. I am a board game player. I love board games, always have, always will.

Leslie at Kaleidoscope asked on one of her posts what your favorite toys were as a child?”

This got me thinking about some of my favorite toys that I had as a child and how different childhood was “way back when” with the toys we played with compared to how childhood is today with the “electronic” toys kids now have. I remember playing with my Easy Bake Oven, my barbies, and always playing kick the can, badminton, and whiffle ball when playing outside.

My family also had a game closet full of board games, which included Mystery Date, Operation, Yahtzee, Risk, Rack-O, Uncle Wiggily, Clue, Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Go To The Head Of The Class, Candy Land, and Game Of The States.

Did you own any of these original version games?

Remember Mystery Date? I always wanted to date or win the “skier guy” but usually ended up with “dud guy”.

And for those of you too young to remember or too young to have had any of these games, you sure missed out on some fun.

8 thoughts on “game night

  1. Oh I LOVE board games!! When my sister and I were young, one of our favourites was Masterpiece. It’s not made anymore, but what fun we had…as I recall, I was always Cornelius Vanderbilt, or Roxie someone.
    In later years, our group of friends played it as a drinking game…in our hazy wisdom, we came up with new names for the paintings (e.g. “Le femme avec les boobes pointèe) Good times…


  2. One of my childhood game memories is kerplunk. I got 4 for Christmas the year it was introduced! I loved it. My dad hated it because it was so noisey. LOL


  3. Anne, I have never heard of Masterpiece. Sounds like you “really” enjoyed that game ;-)
    Leslie, sorry, little red wagons were not for me.
    Jerry, I forgot all about Kerplunk. I loved that game! That is so funny about your dad hating the noise.


  4. Krista, just think of all the dates you could have had ;-)
    I tried searching to see if it was still sold, but now only a
    newer version (just not the same as the original version) is being sold.


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