my hometown

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. I spent most of my life there until college. It has changed a lot since I grew up there. When I lived there, we only had 2 stoplights in the town. There were about 200 in my graduation class. I can’t say what the current population is or how many stoplights there are now but I do remember being quite amazed with the town the last time I was there for a visit.

This is “a picture of a picture” of the house where I grew up. My mom sent me this picture one winter after I moved to Hawaii.


Below are two photos I found on the web of the town center. I originally had them linked to the webpages where I found them but the webpages are no longer active.

The first is the town common in the wintertime. Do you see the big tree to the right of the flag pole? I used to go sliding down that hill when I was little. One winter, I crashed head on into that tree.

common winter.jpg

The second picture is of the town common in the summer time.

North Reading Common

Today I consider Hawaii as my home.

2 thoughts on “my hometown

  1. That’s so funny Leslie. I also love Gilmore Girls and never thought of my hometown as a “Stars Hollow” town. I guess it is closer to one than where I live now though.


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