focaccia col formaggio

Manuelina is a restaurant in Recco famous for it’s focaccia. I first heard about this restaurant and the focaccia they make from my Italian teacher, while taking a night class here in Hawaii.

In 2003, I spent a few nights in Camogli. After arriving in Camogli, one of the first things I did was to inquire on how to get to Recco. I was told that Recco was not that far and so I decided to walk there. It was a long walk (about 3 KM each way). The town of Recco itself was not that far, but Manuelina was located at the far end of Recco from Camogli.

When I finally arrived at Manuelina, I was rewarded with the most wonderful focaccia – focaccia col formaggio. This focaccia was not anything like the typical focaccia one has seen or eaten. It was thinner and filled with a delicious cheese mixture. The taste reminded me of my mom’s blintzes. The only thing missing was the plum jelly to put on top.


So, if you are ever in Recco, make sure to visit Manuelina and order some focaccia col formaggio. They also have a take out window just for the focaccia.

2 thoughts on “focaccia col formaggio

  1. I went to Recco – to go to the market – I love the weekly market!
    I am still laughing about that “cat” poster. I’m still not sure if it was serious or a joke. You’d have to be a bit silly to mistake a possum for a cat – I’d love to know if it was true. What a hoot!


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