one more post on the caucus

As mentioned earlier, the Democratic Hawaii caucus turnout has never exceeded 5,000 people. Party officials printed 17,000 ballots. A record 37,182 people voted last night. The turnout was incredible! It was definitely a historic occasion that I am very proud to have been a part of.

I am too tired to think of anything else to write about today, so I will instead post a couple of photos with a link to the Star Bulletin, one of the local papers, where the photos are from and where you can read more info on the Hawaii vote.

The line at one of the voting sites (not my site):


Inside where the voting took place:


I asked quite a few of the “official people” last night what exactly a caucus was and how it was different than a primary. The best explanation I was given was that the Hawaii Democratic caucus was like a mini primary. We still cast ballots and vote for a candidate, but Obama or Clinton buttons, shirts, signs, etc. can be displayed inside the voting area and it is a little more informal. We did not raise hands like some caucus states did for a vote. We also did not vote privately in a little booth. It was something in between the two.

3 thoughts on “one more post on the caucus

  1. Amazing. We had a great caucus turnout here in Washington also. But I wish they would go to a primary system instead. I grew up in California and I think it is a better system. At least this year, a good cross section of people are getting involved in the election. I think that is great.


  2. I agree that we should just have a primary instead or at least a longer time period for the caucus to be open so that there wouldn’t be the huge crowd arriving all a the same time. I am glad to hear that Washington also turned out a good crowd.


  3. Your blogs are great! So many decisions on the travel. My advice….live for today….and use the miles if you can! Something good will always turn up!


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