how I learned of Camogli

One of my favorite places on the Ligurian Coast in Italy is the little fishing village of Camogli. I first learned about Camogli while watching the filming of The Bold & the Beautiful in Italy.

For those of you who are not familiar with The Bold & The Beautiful, it is a daytime soap opera, one of two I was addicted to for years and years. I can now proudly state that I am no longer a daytime soap addict. I am thankful however that I was addicted back in 2002. If I wasn’t, I would not have seen Brooke, Thorne, Macy, and Ridge in Camogli.

I was immediately struck with the beauty and charm of Camogli when watching the scenes being filmed there. I knew right than while watching that show that I just had to go there one day. I went the following summer.

The Camogli boat harbor:


The beach in Camogli:


View of Camogli by boat:


Camogli lighthouse:


The lighthouse in this photo was where Thorne was chasing Brooke or was it Ridge that was chasing Brooke or perhaps it was Ridge chasing Thorne? It is all a blur now, but I still remember the lighthouse in the scene.

The funny thing is that I also learned about the Scala Contarini del Bovolo in Venice through The Bold and the Beautiful, when they filmed previously in Venice and also I believe Lake Como. Again, Thorne was chasing Brooke up the tower, or was it Ridge chasing Brooke?

Leslie’s Kaleidoscope blog has a great post on the Scala Contarini del Bovolo. Maybe I should start watching The Bold & The Beautiful again. I might be missing out on some more great places to visit in Italy :-)

6 thoughts on “how I learned of Camogli

  1. Too funny, I must admit that I find myself watching shows of questionable merit solely because they have Italian scenery! Haven’t seen B&B though.
    Gorgeous photos!!!


  2. Crikey! i’ll be back there soon!
    Oh, I just loved reading this. It’s been one of my favorite places on Earth since I saw a TV show on it in 1991, then got to go with my two little boys in 1992. I went in 2005 and 2006.
    Roll on April!
    P.S. It was fun showing my son the Scala Contarini del Blovolo last year. We went twice to look at it.


  3. Anne, yes I too often watch shows just for the scenery. I would not have known though about B&B filming there if I had not been a “soap opera addict” :-)
    Leslie, how exciting that you are going back this April!!
    Jerry, yes you could definitely sneak in a visit, it is near Genoa which is an hour from Acqui from what I hear.
    Thanks for the compliments on the photos. I have the first one framed.


  4. Kim, I may have a 12 step program I could take you through. Funny when I first read your comment. I thought a new Kim was commenting til I saw your email/url. I never would have pegged you for a soap operaholic.


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