my mom

My mom passed away eight years ago today. It seems like just yesterday but it also seems like forever. I was going through my box of old photos the other day and found a few a few pictures that I loved. I only have a film scanner, so I took photos of each.

This post is dedicated to my mom, we all miss you very much! xoxo

IMG_3993 copy
IMG_4005 copy
IMG_4108 copy
IMG_4119 copy
IMG_4115 copy

5 thoughts on “my mom

  1. I love these photos! She has such a beautiful face…now I can see who you look like!
    How lovely that you have these photos to remind you of her.


  2. Thanks Brenda. Funny, I never thought I looked that much like my mom until I saw the photo of her on my post next to my photo. I think we had the same smile. I actually look a lot more like her sister, my aunt but it was nice to see my resemblance to my mom on this post.


  3. Girasoli, those are really beautiful photos. And you DO have the same smile as your Mom. Those are wonderful photos to have. I can well imagine that eight years must seem like forever and no time at all.
    By coincidence, Feb. 22 is my mother’s birthday. She’s 82 this year, and I know when we lose her, I’m going to feel like an orphan. A 47-year-old orphan, but an orphan nonetheless.
    Thanks for sharing some of your memories.


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