one of my favorite trees

One of my favorite trees here in Hawaii is the Golden Shower Tree. I was surprised to see that it had already bloomed when driving home last week. I always thought it bloomed in March or April as I remember it blooming around Easter time. I went home, grabbed my camera, and then drove back to take a few photos of the tree. Lucky thing that I did because today already half of the flowers have fallen to the ground.

The botanical name of this tree is Cassia fistula. I have known it for years as just the shower tree or the yellow shower tree. Only since researching this tree on my favorite encyclopedia, google, did I find out that the real name of this tree is the Golden Shower Tree. There are a few varieties of this tree here in Hawaii (golden, pink, & rainbow).

shower tree.jpg

2 thoughts on “one of my favorite trees

  1. Today when I drove by the tree, the flowers left on the tree were closing up or drying up. It is a shame that it only lasts a couple of weeks. I wonder if it is because of the weather difference that it blooms later in California? Do the flowers last longer on the trees there?
    The photo I posted really does not do justice to the beauty of the tree.


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