the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree

To finish out my tree mini series, the first time I saw the Rainbow Eucalyptus, also known as the Mindanao Gum, was a few years ago while I was on the University of Hawaii campus hanging out before my photography class began. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful colors of the bark of this tree.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus is originally from Papua New Guinea. It is grown nearly exclusively for it’s amazingly colored trunk.The botanical name of this tree is eucalyptus deglupta.


15 thoughts on “the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree

  1. Okay, I’m double checking the date….it’s not April Fool’s Day. (Instead, we are stuck in February for all eternity.)
    Is this really, a real tree, Girasoli? I’ve looked closely at the link to the World Agro Forestry site, it all seems legit. Yet those colours seem too wild to be found in nature! What would be the evolutionary purpose? To provide cover for clowns?
    Not that I doubt you, but …….


  2. I’m speechless! What a gorgeous tree, not only the colours, but the smooth curving lines. Thanks girasoli, I never even heard of this tree before your post!


  3. I have only seen the one tree on UH campus. I have read that there are a few on Maui on the road to Hana and I am guessing there are more on other parts of the islands, I just don’t know were. It definitely is a very unique tree. All of the photos are from the same tree, just different parts.
    Sandra, you are so funny! Yes it is real and I did not see any clowns nearby. I can provide you many other links if you need more proof of it’s authenticity :-)


  4. You can see more of them on Wikao Street in Launani Valley (Mililani Tech Park exit off H2) if you like. They are kept trimmed, so not too tall. I walk past them daily and drink in their colors.


  5. We saw our first ones at the Miama Zoo near the kangaroos, although these trees are from the Phillipines, not Australia!!


  6. It is true! These trees do exist! Just returned from Hawaii and saw several of these trees on the Road to Hana. Absolutely amazing and beautiful!


  7. We’ll be in Kauai this month and would like to see the Rainbow tress that are on the road to Hana. Where specifically are they located?


  8. Hi Wes, the rainbow tree photos I took were on Oahu (where I live). The road to Hana is on Maui and not Kauai. There possibly are some rainbow trees on Kauai, but I don’t have any idea where you would find them. I hope you have a nice time on Kauai. Perhaps someone who lives there may be able to help you.


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