sunset photo view from Ala Moana


I took this photo yesterday evening at Ala Moana from the balcony of the restaurant, Mariposa, in Neiman Marcus. We stopped to use the bathroom in the store before heading out to our cars. When I saw the view from the restaurant, I decided to take a couple of quick photos (since many people were staring at me since I was not a customer eating dinner there). The photo is not one of my best – just a view from the mall.

4 thoughts on “sunset photo view from Ala Moana

  1. For ‘just a shot from the mall’ that is a beautiful photograph. I guess it is challenging to take a bad photo of such a lovely spot! *smile*


  2. Like Jerry said, the sunset photo is beautiful.
    I observed when I was in Maui last November that when it was close to sunset, people also went to find the closest window in the Waielea Mall to get a photo of the Maui sunset. I was one of them – non customer at the Burger in Paradise who went for a photo op. They had a good view of the sunset… ok, not exactly the Mariposa… :)


  3. What a beautiful photo!
    I had to Google the word ‘Mariposa’ – but it didn’t get me anywhere. It is also the name of a kit I bought from the Digital Scrapbook Place, to make my pictures with.


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