tiny treats from a pasticceria in Coccaglio


Happy Easter!! ~ Happy Sunday!!

5 thoughts on “tiny treats from a pasticceria in Coccaglio

  1. Greath shot! I love pastry shops in Italy, and I love the tradition of bringing a nicely wrapped package of them to a Sunday lunch. In Bologna, you have to try Pasticceria Lagana on Via Santo Stefano, almost all the way out by the Porta Santo Stefano. Many say it is the best in Bologna.


  2. Chiocciola, that’s just what these were. My friend bought them for her family Sunday dinner. It was fun going with her to pick them out. Thanks for the tip on Pasticceria Lagana!! I have been known to walk for food…not a problem. I may be asking you for more food recommendations as my trip gets closer :-)
    Leslie, I have to admit, I think I tried at least 5 of the pastries. I just couldn’t find a favorite. Too bad we don’t have places like that sell pastries like these nearby.


  3. Thanks for the address!! I checked it out on my map and it is not that far away from my hotel. I may try to buy a tray of nonperishable treats to bring to my friends (the change in my trip).


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