seal hanging out on the beach

I went to White Plains Beach today to hang out for a while and read my book. White Plains Beach used to be a private military beach but is now a beach open to the public and is about 4 or 5 miles from my house. I parked my car, set up my chair, and noticed a few people with cameras walking towards a spot a little bit to the left of my chair. I walked over to see what was going on. There, below a little mound of sand was a cute Hawaiian monk seal.

I moved here 25 years ago and this is only the second time I have ever seen a seal on the beach (post on my first seal sighting). I talked to the lifeguard to find out if this was the first sighting of this seal. He said there have been 4 seals hanging out in the area for a while now. After about an hour or so at the beach, I headed on home.

Here are a few cute photos of the seal on the beach. He or she was inching his/her way up and finally rolled over to snooze for the day.

There…all settled in for a long nap…

In other news…

I made a major change regarding my trip…no more Switzerland.

9 thoughts on “seal hanging out on the beach

  1. Wow, great shots of that monk seal!
    Years ago, I toyed with the idea of relocating to Hawaii and pictured myself as you described… sitting on an easy chair on some beach…
    heck, even correcting papers (after school) on some beach sounds pretty good compared to sitting at my desk and doing that. Maybe someday….


  2. Awww, s/he is so cute!! Great photos too, how lucky you were to see this little one make an appearance.
    Have you replaced Switzerland with another destination? Or did you decide just to stick with Italy this trip?


  3. Wow! I love seals.
    I thought of another blog topic for you – what is your favorite baseball movie? “Bull Durham” was on TV last night – the ballpark where it was filmed is near my office!


  4. I was going to comment on the seal (very cute) but Annie’s comment has piqued my interest! I saw Bull Durham last night, as well — I have to say, I love that movie. What are your thoughts on it, Girasoli?


  5. Eden I did just that (correcting papers – actually test scores for a speech/language evaluation I had administered) when I first moved here. A big wind blew up and all my papers went flying into the ocean. That was BAD! And it was the last time I ever did that :-)
    Anne, yes, Italy Italy Italy. I am going to write a post about it – planned on doing it yesterday but then the seal showed up and today was dedicated to my Sox, so hopefully tomorrow I will get one done on the changes.
    Palma, ahh yes, definitely “What a life”! He or she was so cute as he/she snuggled into the sand and then did not move again.
    Annie & Sandra, I just did my post on my favorite baseball team. You will never have to twist my arm to talk baseball :-)


  6. Angie, they are actually pretty dangerous. Their teeth are big and their jaws are very strong. I learned a lot about the Hawaiian Monk Seal on field trips to Sea Life Park. They are amazing animals. I went back on Thursday and the same seal was stretched out snoozing away once again but this time at the other end of the beach.


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