and then Coccaglio

Coccaglio (my new last stop for my 2008 Italy trip) is a tiny little town where my friends Katia and Guido live. Coccaglio is located in the Franciacorta area of Lombardy (Lombardia) between Bergamo & Brescia, and when using more familiar landmarks, between Milan & Verona:

lg map of coccaglio

Closer view of Coccaglio:

zoomed in coccaglio

The center of Coccaglio:


La Torre Romana:


Main church in Coccaglio:


Il Convento dell’Annunciata – above Coccaglio & Rovato


Franciacorta vineyard:


9 thoughts on “and then Coccaglio

  1. This will be my 7th visit although we have not spent much time hanging out in the town and so my photos of Coccaglio are pretty limited. We always go to Lake Iseo for breakfast one morning and usually to one other interesting place during my stay. My friends are wonderful, always taking me to interesting places when I visit and many are not common tourist stops.


  2. Ah, this is Katia’s town! Now I remember. Really, I’ve been following along. I blame it on the fumes from scrubbing the counters and floors. ;-D


  3. Jill, you make me laugh! Now don’t go mixing any of those cleaning fluids together. I did go back to add my friends’ names on the post since it was a lacking a little info for others to follow.


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