what’s in a name?

girasoli ~ I originally chose this name when setting up an account many moons ago (or at least it seems that way now). My real name is such a common name and it was always taken. Even my last name is a pretty common name.

I wanted to come up with a unique Italian name as my user name. During my first couple of visits to Italy, I fell in love with the fields of sunflowers. After thinking about things that I loved about Italy, I decided on using the Italian word for sunflower ~ girasole as my user name. The problem was that girasole was taken. Now I know that I am a singular person and “girasoli” means sunflowers (a plural word), but the only way I could use sunflower in Italian was to use the plural form of sunflower ~ girasoli.

Photo of a sunflower ~ il girasole (singular) ~ that I took while visitng the island of Burano.


…and that is how I became known as ~ girasoli.

4 thoughts on “what’s in a name?

  1. I’ve always envied you your great nickname, Girasoli!
    And that’s a wonderful shot, the colours are fabulous. In all my trips to Italy, I’ve never been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time, to see the girasoli live. But this shot almost makes up for it!


  2. I’ve read so many of your comments on slowtrav and your name always stood out. I think its’ meaning is so lovely and sunny, just like you appear to be. I’m enjoying your blog. I’ll be in Savannah meeting everyone at the big gtg. I imagine one of these days we will meet. In the meanwhile thank you for your interesting postings…alot of fun to dream of far away places that we all love. Barb Cabot PS the “girasole” photo is really wonderful.


  3. Leslie, thanks! It is one of my favorites also. It’s so bright and YELLOW!!
    Sandra, thanks! Funny, I haven’t seen many fields of girasoli during my last few trips either. I am hoping to be able to ride a bike into the country and find some wonderful fields while in Acqui.
    Barb, thanks so much for stopping by!! I’m glad you like the photo. What a nice compliment calling me lovely and sunny. I definitely was not that today though (see “should have stayed in bed “post). YOu are lucky to get to go to Savannah. I just couldn’t make it with the distance and no time off. Thanks again!!


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