a unique view of the lava

When flipping through the Honolulu Advertiser during my lunch break on Friday, I was drawn to the photos of two men on stand-up paddle boards paddling in the ocean close to the where the lava is flowing into the ocean on the Big Island.

Here is a portion of the article, Paddling with Pele:  ** (link no longer works)
The ocean was calm off the Big Island three weeks ago, yet that’s when Reid Inouye and Leleo Kinimaka shared their most memorable day of stand-up paddle surfing.
“It was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Kinimaka said. “I will never forget that day for the rest of my life.”

Paddling in the presence of a mythical Hawaiian goddess can be that powerful.
Inouye, Kinimaka, two photographers and others aboard a boat crew ventured off the southeast coast of the Big Island on that day. Inouye and Kinimaka rode their stand-up paddle boards in the ocean area where the current lava flow from Kilauea is spilling into the ocean.

**UPDATE: The original article is no longer active. I deleted 1 of the 2 photos since I can no longer find any source for that photo. Here is a new link for the photo above.

Can you imagine paddling that close to the lava? Best view in the house for sure!

8 thoughts on “a unique view of the lava

  1. Girasoli, those are wild photos! Can you imagine, padding through flames? Some day I have to see Hawaii; after seeing all of your photos, it looks utterly amazing.


  2. Hey – I forgot to say – yep, you walk up to Castle Brown at Portofino, and you pay an entry fee and go in. It’s brilliant!
    I had just watched the movie from the book, Enchanted April – and there I was in the pink room, and walking up the staircase next to the mosaic wall…
    It’s all empty rooms now, with just photos of movie stars on the walls – who have all been there. The views are spectacular! It’s one of my favorite memories of Italy.


  3. Kim, you are brave! With my fear of flying, I have never taken a helicopter ride here in Hawaii, and definitely would not take one that flew over the Volcano (not that crashing anywhere else would be any safer). Interesting that you could feel the heat on the window. They must have been pretty close!!


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