“thirteen (13)” ~ PhotoHunt


This week’s PhotoHunt was a tough one. All week long, I have been counting groups of things. I found 12 beautiful palm trees in a row, 7 great hibiscus flowers on a bush, but I have yet to find a group of 13 items that would make a good photo. I also searched through my photos with not much luck there either.

I ended up going with a few photos with signs (even though next week’s PhotoHunt has to do with signs). I figured with this choice, I could add a little bit of trivia to my post.

The word rione (plural – rioni) comes from the Latin word regio (plural – regiones) meaning regions. If Wikipedia is correct, the rioni in Rome were established for the first time in the 4th century BC by Servius Tullius, with only four, which at the time were called regiones (the plural of regio). More regions were added since then and they have been changed often over the years. Currently, there are 22 rioni.

R. XIII refers to the Trastevere rione of Rome.

21 thoughts on ““thirteen (13)” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. Interesting post – and I love your “13” interpretation!
    Mine’s up finally.
    (*Edited: I hope you don’t mind, I deleted your link in the comments section since I have been getting lots of spam comments when links in the comment section have been posted – your name will link to your blog).


  2. this photohunt was a tough one. I would have take the 12 palm trees and just combine it with one of something. I’ve also been counting things but ended up finding none
    this is a pretty good choice for photohunt and the bit of info adds interest


  3. Great photos. I found it tough to do this one too and spent some time looking at photos counting 11 geese or 15 geese (I guess I could have cropped that one). Thanks for the educational post with the signs. I will have a sign one up next week but will be away so I won’t be able to notify TNChick. Have a good week and thanks for visiting. Please feel free to comment. I love comments.


  4. great idea for this weeks theme! :-)
    View mine if you wish. thanks.
    (*Edited: I hope you don’t mind, I deleted your link in the comments section since I have been getting lots of spam comments when links in the comment section have been posted – your name will link to your blog).


  5. Thanks everyone for commenting! I am glad I ended up using the XIII photos. I did not know about the rioni either until this weekend. I wish I knew sooner as it would have been interesting looking at all of the signs in Rome with this knowledge. I guess I will just have to return!


  6. Wonderful take on the theme and great shots!!
    My pic shows a ski slope, there are numbers along the slope like on a street for quick referral, particularly in case of an accident.


  7. Very creative choice for 13! Wonderful photos, especially the first one. I adore the contrast between the gritty wall and reflection in the oh-so-shiny window pane.


  8. Mar, thanks for the reply on my question. How brilliant of them to put signs up to help with locations.
    Sandra, I actually found 5 R. XIII signs but didn’t want to overdue it. Too bad I didn’t happen to take 13 of them! That would have been cool.
    Annie, thanks for your encouragement. I was a little hesitant when posting but think I did good.
    Anne, thanks! It is good to see you back. I hope you are doing ok. I see just what you mean about the contrast. I personally love the second one the best. I am not sure if it is just all the greenery and the little bit of camouflage or the fact that I loved visiting that park.


  9. ThanX for visiting. I’m running late getting around to visit the “13” themed shots. Glad I didn’t miss your unique series of shots ~ great commentary too.


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