“unique/funny signs” ~ PhotoHunt

I couldn’t find anything too funny or unique nor did I see any unique/interesting signs in the past few weeks. Here is what I have:

I found this sign interesting because of the name (taken in Rome).


I found the this sign (also taken in Rome) interesting because of the misleading information on the sign.


Last summer, while in Rome, I decided to check out the Palazzo Barbarini. Because it was Monday, I was not sure if it would be open. I met a nice Italian man who was also standing outside the gate wondering the same thing. It looked like it might be open so we both headed toward the ticket door. There we saw the sign: “aperto tutti i giorni/open every day 9-19:30” AND THEN underneath: “chiuso lunedì/closed on Monday”.

Now, please explain to me how this sign makes sense. After we read: “open every day”, we both were excited that it was open even though it was a Monday, but then we read the second line and realized that it was closed. We both shook our heads in amazement over the conflicting information. We even went as far as the entrance in hopes that the “open every day” part of the sign meant that it was open. As we were leaving, an American man and his son came walking up. I told them that the museum was closed. They asked why and said it wasn’t Sunday. I replied, “No, it’s Monday”.

7 thoughts on ““unique/funny signs” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. I think those are both good signs for the theme. I would have been very confused by a sign saying they were open every day and then saying they were closed Monday. I think that qualifies for funny and unique. I also like the second sign.


  2. I love it! The museum sign with conflicting information is priceless!
    The second sign has not one, but two very unusual names. I’m amused at the names given to streets and piazze in Italy. The pagans were at the piazza before the encyclopedists? Brava for posting these unique signs!


  3. Thanks everyone. Glad you found the sign as misleading and conflicting as I did. I kept wondering if it was just me.
    Maria, love your comment: “The pagans were at the piazza before the encyclopedists?”. I tried to get info on this piazza but couldn’t really find anything significant. Maybe I should do a post on Slow Travel.


  4. it is a beautiful sign but it doesn’t fulfill its informative purpose…sorry you couldn’t visit the museum.
    Enjoy your weekend :)


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