field trip to Kualoa Ranch tomorrow

Tomorrow we are going to Kualoa Ranch. You may recognize the area from films and TV shows. Jurassic Park, Mighty Joe Young, Pearl Harbor, Windtalkers, Godzilla, 50 First Dates, Tears of the Sun, Fantasy Island, ER, and Lost have all been filmed here.

We will be visiting the fish ponds first. We will throw nets in the water and catch little shrimp (and then throw them back). Then we will go to the ranch to feed the cows, horses, sheep, etc.

I am hoping for nice weather. The past two times we have gone it was raining or rained the day before. It can get pretty muddy. I am hoping for a sunny day tomorrow.

I love the views on the way to the ranch. This area of the island is so beautiful. Although I mostly take photos of my students when on field trips, I try to sneak in a few other shots when I have the chance. These photos were taken at the fish pond area during last year’s field trip:



9 thoughts on “field trip to Kualoa Ranch tomorrow

  1. Hi Girasoli: I have just returned to Massachusetts from visiting your ‘neck of the islands’ — and the North Shore… Such a spectacular place and your photos certainly capture the beauty of that area of the island. Unfortunately, the mountains were shrouded in vog during the last part of my stay. Came home to spring on Boston tho! That’s helpful when one is used to seeing the lush Hawaiian landscape. Aloha.


  2. Hi Menehune, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Sorry to hear you experienced the vog. It has been terrible. Luckily we have not had constant vog when our trade winds return. I am glad you were able to spend time on the North Shore. Did you see the turtles? Returning home to nice weather is always nice. So, are you a Red Sox fan?


  3. Honu – the second animal I love (cats being first)! And, yes, I know every word and Fenway refrain to “Sweet Caroline”…Have a spectacular and vog-free weekend.


  4. Jerry, I can’t think of an ugly field trip ever taken here except perhaps the inside of Love’s Bakery, a typical factory type setting, which was hot and noisy.


  5. Are those your students in the blue shirts? That looks like fun and the scenary is just so beautiful. Hope you had a good time this year!


  6. The students in the blue shirts were Kindergarteners (we always hitch a ride with them). We were also in blue shirts (just not in the photo). We did a have a good time this year. My favorite part is the scenery.


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