my hike in Cortona

I still have so many photos to share from my trip to Cortona in June, 2007. When originally blogging about this trip, I only had access to a computer at an internet café. I am finally adding photos to this trip. Here is my original post and below is a summary and a photo album of the hike I took.

After a long train ride to Cortona, finding a taxi, settling in, and having lunch, I spent my first afternoon in Cortona hiking up to the Sanctuary of Santa Margherita and the Fortezza del Girifalco. It was a long hike uphill. Although it was a hot afternoon, the views were spectacular. When I finally reached the top, I arrived at a huge church, the Sanctuary of Santa Margherita. It was unfortunately closed when I arrived.

I continued walking a little further uphill to reach the Fortezza del Girifalco. The cost to enter the fortezza was 3 euros. There was only one other person visiting this very peaceful fortezza while I was there. I first spent about 30 minutes walking along the wall that surrounded the perimeter along the top (similar to the fortezza in Montalcino) enjoying the views and the cool breeze. I then spent a little bit of time checking out the rooms inside. There were a few art pieces hanging in one or two of the rooms. Although the other rooms were empty, they were also peaceful and cool. After an enjoyable visit, I headed back to town, taking a different path, which took me along a few windy roads through a beautiful area of the town.

Here are some photos of my hike in Cortona and my visit to the Fortezza del Girifalco…

**UPDATED: Because Picasa Web Albums no longer work, I decided to make this a square tile display of  instead of another slideshow.  Click on the first photo to browse the photos as a slide show. Click on the right arrow to see the next photo. To close the photo display, click on the x up in the top left corner.

8 thoughts on “my hike in Cortona

  1. Wow, you took some amazing photographs. I enjoyed taking a stroll through Cortona with my morning coffee! If (WHEN!) I visit there myself, I definitely want to go see that fortezza.


  2. That’s a lovely slideshow, Girasoli, your photos are fantastic. I had a similar experience last June in Cortona. I believe I was there a couple of weeks earlier. I also thought the walk up to the Fortezza was gorgeous (although my photos are nowhere near as good as your photos!)
    I was also suprised how few people there were around both the Fortezza and the Sanctuary (which was refreshingly cool after the hot hike up)
    I missed the poppies, though. Either I was too early in the season or more likely, was rushing around a bit too much.
    Don’t you wish that you could live there? I loved the houses with the window boxes and big flower pots outside. Once you get a little ways up from the main squares of Cortona, the streets are much more quiet and calm. Most of the time, that is — I was almost run down by an elderly lady driving a small motorbike and wearing gardening gloves as I was walking back down from the Fortezza. I guess motorbikes are a good way for older residents to get up and down those steep streets!


  3. Annie, I definitely recommend a visit to the Fortezza. It is a great place to get away from it all and enjoy the views. I’m glad you enjoyed your stroll this morning :)
    Sandra, isn’t it amazing how one area in the town can be so crowded and another area can be so empty and peaceful. I think that is one of the secrets to Italy.


  4. So beautiful! Cortona is just great, I did that same hike and it was so nice. When I studied abroad in Perugia I went there several times and just loved it.


  5. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed taking photos on my hike. So many beautiful things to photograph. The views were spectacular there. I loved the peacefulness and the nature type environment. Cortona was a cool town to visit.


  6. Oh my stars! That was a flashback this evening.
    I’ve been into the church twice – it was closed the third time I was in Cortona. Thank you so much for putting these up. They took my breath away. I’m so pleased to see them. :)


  7. Leslie glad you enjoyed them. Isn’t great to be taken back to a wonderful moment you have experienced. If I return to Cortona, I think I will try to find out when the church is open so I can go inside also.


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