photos of Arezzo

While in Cortona, I took a daytrip to Arezzo, a place I have wanted to see since seeing the movie, Life is Beautiful. I wrote about my visit, “the men of Cortona & Arezzo” while traveling last summer. Here are some photos to go with the post.

The Duomo was HUGE!! Too bad it was closed when I arrived.


I bet this would be a fun tower to climb.I wonder if it is open and I wonder how many steps to the top.


Look how much taller the tower is than the trees!


View of the countryside from the park near the Duomo:


Heading towards Piazza Grande…


Piazza Grande where Life is Beautiful was filmed. Much of it was roped off and there were stands placed in front of all the buildings the day I was there. My guess was that some sort of celebration was going to be happening soon since there were flags hanging all over the town.

Piazza Grande:


My visit to Arezzo was much too short! Next time, I think I would like to stay there for a few days.

9 thoughts on “photos of Arezzo

  1. Love these photos! Too funny – we both have towers on our minds these days! That’s such a nice one.
    Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well – hope you are feeling better today.


  2. I love towers!! Thanks for your concern Annie. I am feeling much better, thanks, although the vog has returned once again, which is not a good thing.


  3. Wow, those are really lovely photos. And a great tower! I’m planning on a day trip to Arezzo on my trip this fall (continuing my trend of following in your footsteps!)
    I’m thinking I’ll take the train from Perugia when I’m there. It’s not too far (perhaps an hour) and I have wanted to see Arezzo for a long time. In particular, I want to see della Francesca’s Legend of the True Cross. I see that you talk about it in your blog entry from last year’s trip, so I’m going to read that more closely.
    I was also thinking of visiting Arezzo last year when I was in Cortona, but the rail connections were so difficult, just getting in and out of Cortona, that I let it slide.
    I’m excited to see your trip counter, less than 40 days to go. How marvelous — September just seems so far off for me……


  4. These are beautiful! I have always heard great things about Arezzo and you confirm that. And the quintessential Tuscan landscapes are as gorgeous as ever!!


  5. Sandra, I thought about your visit there while writing my post. The train connection is probably much easier from Perugia. I am looking forward to hearing about your visit.
    Chiocciola, I was surprised how much I enjoyed Arezzo since I had read mixed things about the town. The area is really beautiful. I loved the buildings in the town. It is a place I definitely want to return to someday.


  6. I love your photos of Arezzo! I visited briefly in 2001 and went straight to the Basilica to see della Francesca’s frescoes. I remember passing by Piazza Grande and the Duomo but didn’t take any photos. I’d like to be there for the famous antique market.


  7. I wanted to go to Arezzo last summer (can it be almost a year ago already??) but didn’t want to rush through on a day trip so saved it for another visit. Your photos are gorgeous!!


  8. Thanks María & Anne. I really did not know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with Arezzo when I arrived. I have heard the Antique Market is fun to visit. My visit was definitely much too short but at least it gave me an idea of Arezzo and definitely made me want to return someday.


  9. I’ve been to Arezzo once, many years ago – I love your photos. :) I’d like to see the big market France mayes talks about in her books.


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