update on the bag I ordered

I ordered the wrong bag!!!

While checking to see if all of my links on my previous post worked, I realized that the bag I ordered had a slightly different name. Eagle Creek ES Tarmac 20 instead of Eagle Creek Tarmac 20. Then, I looked at the photo on Zappos and the photo on Eagle Creek and noticed that the bags were different!! How did I ever miss that one? I ordered the older version of the same model bag. That is probably why it was cheaper. The new bag has two pockets in the front and the older version has only one pocket and a strap across the front.

I noticed that the dimensions were different (22 inches vs 20 inches) when first looking at this bag on the Zappos site over the weekend. That puzzled me, but since the cubic inches were the same, I figured it was a just a mistake. After realizing that I ordered the wrong bag, I started looking closely at both of the descriptions and noticed that the weight was a little different (older version is 3 ounces lighter). I am also pretty doubtful that the cool little built in shoe box and stash cache will be included in the older version that I just ordered. I am guessing the shoe box and stash cache is what makes the newer bag slightly heavier in weight.

I called Zappos to see if they knew anything more about the exact dimensions of this older version bag. When I gave the woman on the phone my shipping address to pull up my order, she told me that she was from Pearl City. SMALL SMALL WORLD!!! I found out that her mom was the secretary at the school I used to work at a few years after I moved to Hawaii! I haven’t seen her mom in ages. Her mom was so nice. After leaving that school, I always had fond memories of her kindness towards me and her friendly smile. The woman on the phone also attended the school when I worked there. I was a speech therapist at the time. I vaguely remember her when she was a child. SMALL SMALL WORLD!!!

Back to my bag – she gave me some options and in the end I decided not cancel the order since I can always return it. Zappos is a very easy company to deal with when returning things. If I keep the bag, the only thing I will miss is the cool little built in shoe box and stash cache. If I am lucky, the older version may be just what I am looking for.

After I hung up, I did another search on Eagle Creek ES Tarmac 20. I found out that the bag I ordered is the 2007 version and the length is indeed 20 inches and not 22 inches as stated on Zappos.

I can’t believe I ordered the wrong bag!!

2 thoughts on “update on the bag I ordered

  1. I hope you get lucky and realize this one is what you wanted after all! You are smart to be doing all this far enough in advance so that you can send it back if you need to.
    And I love “Small World” stories and experiences!


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