The vog has hung over the islands a few times this year. It has returned once again this week. Many are saying that this week’s vog has been the worst ever. It is a very eery feeling when you can’t see landmarks that you know are there. Yesterday morning while driving to work, the mountains looked more like shadows and Diamond Head was barely visible. I can’t even imagine what it is like on the Big Island right now.

vog may 08
Photo taken from Kaimuki by George F. Lee. (photo is linked to the article)

Caption under the photo: “Volcanic haze blanketed Honolulu for a second day yesterday, obscuring the cityscape and natural landscape.”

*Update: The mountains have disappeared!! I couldn’t even see the shadows today while driving to work. Did Locke hit the wrong button and move the mountains instead of the island??

2 thoughts on “vogsville

  1. Thanks for your concern Sandra. It is really bad this time. I tried to stay indoors as much as possible today. I forgot something after getting in my car this morning. I ran back in my house and then back out to my car. I could feel the tightness in my chest for about an hour after that. My eyes are so sore. They have been acting up all week. Allergy drops are my best friend at the moment and my inhaler may be another friend soon if this vog doesn’t go away, and yes, I had a migraine today but that could have been from my phone call to the credit card department :)


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