“candy” ~ PhotoHunt

Candy leis, popular during graduation season:


Chocolate covered macadamia pieces and red coconut balls:


More varieties of chocolate covered macadamia nuts:


Popular li hing flavored and sour candies:


18 thoughts on ““candy” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. I used to love chocolate covered mac nuts, especially the dark chocolate ones, but now I eat the salted macademia nuts (which are also good) since I can’t eat chocolate anymore. I also love the sour candies but not the li hing mui stuff.
    Jill, I have not tried the red coconut balls. After I looked them up, I probably never will try them. The ingredients are basically: coconut, corn syrup, and red dye. They are supposed to be mushy in the middle and crunchy from the sugar on the outside. Don’t ask me why they are red?


  2. Crazy Working Mom, that was only part of the Hawaiian Candy candy aisle!
    Eden, I tried too. Li hing mui is so popular here. I have to always check to make sure apple and pineapple slices are not covered with it before taking a slice to eat at a gathering.


  3. Great photos for the PhotoHunt! Hope your weekend is going well. :)
    I’m working on my 5th book and am really enjoying making them. Book one went to my mom, book 2 to my sister and hasn’t arrived yet – books 3 and 4 – for me, haven’t arrived yet.
    Am putting my pics form the last trip last September with Alessandro, in the latest book.


  4. If there is a boring graduation speaker at least you have something to tide you over. You can see my Canadian candy offering here: powellriverbooks.blogspot.com


  5. Candy leis…now THAT is unique. Don’t think I’ve seen anything like that around here in North Florida. But I don’t go to graduations so maybe I missed them during my trips to Wal-Mart and Target. The Macademia nuts are delicious (and are my pet cockatiel’s favorite treat — he’d pass up a head rub for one of those). I would like to sample some of the candies but I had gastric bypass surgery to lose weight (almost 200 pounds thus far lost) two years ago and I’ve avoided sugars since then with very few exceptions. If I consume too much sugar, I will get a case of “dumping syndrome” which suffice to say is quite unpleasant. This is something all gastric bypass patients will get from time to time from eating too much, eating too fast, consuming too much sugars or carbs, and sometimes from foods that just don’t sit well. It’s not life threatening and usually lasts only about 20 minutes, but it’s no fun.
    BTW, there is a store here in Tallahassee that stocks some hard-to-find imported candy mostly from Great Britain, Belgium and Japan and another little store just up the road in Havana, Florida (an antique shop mecca if you’re ever in the area) that sells British foods including plenty of candy. And there are several Oriental markets in the area with plenty of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese candies.
    I’ve got my PhotoHunt entry up in case you’re interested. If you do visit, please leave a comment and feel free to explore the rest of my little blog.


  6. I’m in a sugar coma after looking at your pictures! The candy leis are so colorful and I’ll take all the chocolate covered macadamia . Great entry!


  7. Definitely no lack of sugar here. I figured I would photograph typical Hawaiian candy. The interesting thing is that Chocolate covered Mac nuts are more popular as gifts to bring to the mainland than they are just for snacking on here at home. Not sure why that is. Even when I was able to eat chocolate, I rarely bought them here and they are not terribly expensive. There are always sales. I do love the leis also. They are too pretty to open up and eat.


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