another “no-no” in Fenway!

Congratulations to Jon Lester, who became the first pitcher this season in the Major Leagues to throw a no-hitter. I am in awe of anyone who throws a no-hitter. For this 24-year old lefty pitcher, it was something extra special. Jon Lester was diagnosed with a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in August 2006. He stopped playing baseball and started treatment. He returned to the Red Sox, pitching and winning his first game since being diagnosed on July 23, 2007. I remember how emotional that game was. He then went on to pitch the 4th game of the World Series on October 28, 2007 to clinch the 2007 World Series. And now today, to pitch a “no no”, what a special accomplishment he has achieved.

jlester nono(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

nohitter lester

For those wondering, a “no-no” or a “no-hitter” means that no one on the other team gets a hit during the entire game. The scoreboard will reflect this by a 0 under the H (R H E – Runs, Hits, Errors) on the right side of the scoreboard.

Last year, I wrote about the “no no” Clay Buchholz threw on September 1, 2007. Throwing a no-hitter is not an easy feat. Before Clay Bucholz, the last “no no” or no-hitter thrown by a Red Sox pitcher occurred on April 27, 2002 (Derek Lowe threw this one). In recent MLB history, there have only been 3 no-hitters in 2007, 1 in 2006, 1 in 2004, 2 in 2003, 1 in 2002, and 3 in 2001.

For a little more trivia:

*This was the first no-hitter thrown by a Red Sox left-hander since Mel Parnell threw one against the White Sox on July 14, 1956.

*Jason Varitek was the first catcher to be behind the plate catching 4 no-hitters (4 different pitchers/4 no-hitters).

I am so glad for once I left work on time. I checked the Red Sox score (as I always do) when I got home. Because of the time difference, night games start at 1pm here so the game was well underway. Once I saw that Jon Lester was working on a no-hitter, I signed into the MLB audio (Red Sox radio broadcast) and caught the end of the game. After the last pitch, ESPN showed the final strike as well as all the hugs on the field after the game was over. I got pretty choked up watching everyone congratulate him. It was a definite “tear jerker”. What a great inspiration and an amazing accomplishment!


5 thoughts on “another “no-no” in Fenway!

  1. Aloha G: Glad you are able to catch the Red Sox excitement and games on the radio in Hawaii. It’s a great time to be Boston fan – Red Sox and Celtics …


  2. Annie, I wish I saw it. It was really emotional thinking about all he has overcome and to then pitch a game that is so rare to pitch. I was so happy for him.
    Menehune, thank goodness for the internet! Because the Red Sox have been playing well the past few years, ESPN and FOX have broadcast more games and now also TBS this year so I have also been able to catch a lot of games on TV. If I am at work, I tape it and watch it when I get home. I am not a big basketball fan (my mom was the basketball fan in our family) but always am happy to see the Celtics doing well. It’s been a while now. I knew more about the players during the Larry Bird days when I lived back there. It would be great to see them win this year. I did catch the end of game 7 on Sunday. That was pretty exciting. Hard to not love sports or at least be aware when living in Massachusetts.


  3. G: Don’t you wonder about the days pre-internet? I chuckle when a few years ago my daugther asked how everyone functioned without a cell phone! Sometimes technology is wonderful~
    My SON lives in Hawaii and is a Mets fan, so I understand how between the time difference and seemingly limited air time on most games, the internet radio is a gift!
    I hope you make it to Italy without having to pay for the new luggage you are taking! I hear AA is testing the waters in charging for luggage — hmmmm, I always thought that, as a traveller, there is something to designing fashionable and functional throw away clothing — now may be the time! Aloha and yes, Go Sox!


  4. Shows used to play here 2 weeks after they did on the mainland when I first lived here! Things have really changed though since the internet. Although I still miss being in the Boston area during Red Sox season, it is not as bad as it was pre-internet days. Hawaii news rarely covers MLB baseball. Everything is about UH college sports here.
    I think I will be ok regarding the luggage except perhaps my last leg if they get very picky (although technically is it still a international ticket) if Continental joins the bandwagon. I only check 1 bag so it is only if they charge for both. Thanks for the nice thought.


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