windows in Venice…this is for María

María did a post about her favorite palazzo on the island Murano in the beginning of May. I made a comment on her blog about taking a similar Venice window photo (of course now looking at the two side by side, they really are quite different). María asked me to post my window photo on my blog. Well it took a few weeks, but here finally is that window along with a few more of my favorite Venice window photos.
Do you have a favorite?








7 thoughts on “windows in Venice…this is for María

  1. Oh I love these photos! Your first one does resemble Marìa’s, doesn’t it?! Venice has so many fabulous windows. I must go look through my own photos and see if I have any worth posting on my blog.


  2. Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous windows and the photos are fabulous! I love all the Gothic ones but if I had to pick a favorite, it’ll have to be the second one. Its simplicity, the yellow color of the walls and the Juliet balcony are just so beautiful.
    Thank you for posting the photos. This entry made my day!


  3. I love those photos, they are gorgeous. Venice and the islands are really spectacular. I especially love the first one, it’s so dramatic with the windows, the flowers and the glassed-in balcony (at least, it looks glassed-in.) Stunning.
    And your trip meter is so exciting, less than a month until you go!


  4. The pictures are gorgeous. I was sitting here saying “Wow! – I want to go back to Venice”. Thanks for posting your lovely pictures.


  5. Thanks for the comments. I’m glad you all enjoyed the different windows in Venice. I have to say it is pretty difficult taking a bad photo with such beauty in Venice.
    At first I thought the second one seemed so out of place, but it has really grown on me. I can’t even remember where I took that photo. I do remember the locations though for most of the other photos.


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