a nice bathroom in Rome

If you are in need of a nice bathroom while you are out and about in Rome, check out the Antico Caffè Greco, located on Via dei Condotti near the Spanish Steps. It is also a cool bar, although I can only personally vouch for the refreshing glass of peach juice I had while there.


9 thoughts on “a nice bathroom in Rome

  1. I’ve often heard about the Caffe Greco, but never actually found it. It looks very inviting, I’ll have to stop in there next time I visit Rome (and peach juice sounds wonderful.) It’s always good to have a mental list of possible bathroom stops.
    And just look at that countdown meter — only 24 days left until your trip!


  2. Wow, my favorite all-time “hang-out” in Rome. I never am in Rome without a visit to Caffe Greco and it is a real experience. Thanks for such beautiful photo reminders. (Sandra – if you walk straight down the Via Condotti as you come off the Spanish Steps, it is one of the first stores on your right).


  3. Pretty pictures of a lovely place. I’ve been inside Caffe Greco twice but just to look around, particularly at the pastries. Will make a note for a future Rome trip re: bathroom and peach juice.


  4. Ditto – bathrooms and peach juice…it’s all good!! :)
    I like your countdown widget – I couldn’t manage to get a background in mine. Wow, only 21 days, you must be getting so excited?!?! (I know I am – and I still have 125 to go!)


  5. Yes bathrooms and peach juice…both so important, especially on the hot summer day I was there. Caffè Greco was a surprise to me. I just happened to walk by and figured a nice place like that would probably have a nice bathroom. The peach juice was the bonus.
    Anne, I saw your new countdown widget. Did you make it from the same site I used? I originally just wanted a plain counter but have now grown to like mine. I would be happy to help you get a photo in yours if you would like.


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