combo “shoes & self” ~ PhotoHunt

Since I missed last week’s PhotoHunt, I thought I would do a combo post this week – shoes & self (yourself or part of you). These are my favorite Chaco shoes and my tired toes in Varenna, Italy.


8 thoughts on “combo “shoes & self” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. Do you know the photohunt chick did this too and it threw me off b/c I kept thinking i was looking at last week’s theme. :). I’m bummed I missed last week b/c I have a similar shot but of Colleen, Shannon and I, standing in the center of Paris.


  2. Great combo entry! Just yesterday, I was reading that thread about comfortable shoes on Slow Talk and saw you mention Chacos, which I’ve never tried on. I want to find some so I can check them out – I love the way they look!
    Have a nice weekend!


  3. Good idea to combine both. I like the way you took the photo but I wonder if those shoes are comfortable for lots of walking. Anyway they look great!


  4. Kim, I remember that shot.
    Chacos are what I live in. I have walked 3-5 miles a day in them during my travels through Italy. Never once were they not comfortable. They have great arch support which is what I need. If given a choice between Chacos and sneakers, I would choose Chacos every time (and I am not getting paid by Chacos to say all of this).


  5. Cool photo
    Dare I say that I had not heard of Chacos before this post? But if they have great arch support, I’ll be hunting them down!


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