15 thoughts on ““bad hair” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. Sorry to scare you María.
    Sandy, I didn’t know either til I got up close to this turkey.
    Alice, yes I think this turkey could desperately use a makeover.
    Kim & Annie, thanks. It was a last minute thought.
    philos, yes it is indeed a turkey :)
    Sandra, :)
    Thanks Carver. I took it while on a field trip. It was a lucky shot since the majority of my time was spent watching and photographing my students.
    napaboaniya, either that or a shave since bald is also in :)


  2. That guy needs some serious beauty tips! :) Turkeys are so hideous…why, oh, why must they look like that, I wonder?!?
    Wow, only 13 days to go, you must be getting SO excited!!


  3. Oh your entry is really great! Such bad hair.
    But looking at your profile picture I can’t imagine me describing your hair. Your’s looks so good and not gray at all!


  4. Anne, I was surprised how ugly this turkey was. I am getting excited but also very stressed (although I am in more of a major procrastination mode right now when I should be starting to organize stuff).
    Patricia & maryt, thanks for commenting. I have been having fun participating in PhotoHunt discovering many other blogs.
    Carin, 2 words – hair color :-)


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