itchy itchy itchy

I am soooooo itchy!!!!!! I was given a wonderful neck/shoulder massage after my acupuncture treatment last Friday. Unfortunately I had a severe allergic reaction to the peppermint oil she used and I now have huge red itchy welts all over my upper chest as well as the sides and back of my neck.

These welts first appeared Saturday morning. They have continued to spread since then. I have taken zyrtec and benedryl and have used a cream similar to hydrocortisone cream to attempt to calm the itch but nothing has worked. I have been sleeping (or not sleeping) with ice packs all over me since that is the only thing that temporarily stops the itch.

I finally went over to Longs last night to try to get something over the counter to help. The pharmacist suggested a hydrocortisone cream and said I should continue to take the benedryl, but she also said that I would probably need to get a prescription for prednisone. I thought about how much easier it would be if I was in Italy with this rash (although I am not wishing myself sick while in Italy). The pharmacist would have been able to sell me the drug I needed right then and there but instead I had to wait another day before getting the medicine I needed (unless I went to the ER). So, I bought some hydrocortisone cream and took more benedryl, both of which did nothing.

This morning, my first official day of summer vacation, I called my doctor and begged for an appointment and got a prescription for prednisone.

I will be in Santa Margherita Ligure on the Ligurian Coast of Italy two weeks from today! Hoping my rash is gone by then.

Itchy, itchy, itchy…..

10 thoughts on “itchy itchy itchy

  1. Hi Girasoli, I’m very sorry to hear of your rash problems. I hope it clears up before your trip. I think seeing your doctor was a good thing to do especially with your trip coming up.
    I notice that you now have 11 days to go. The timer clock is a pretty neat feature.


  2. I am really surprised that your therapist used peppermint oil. I’ve always heard that you should never put it on your skin unless it is highly diluted (like a couple of drops in a bathtub full of water).
    Anyway, hope you feel better soon. I hate being itchy!


  3. That sounds terrible. I’ve had poison oak before and that was so itchy. I hope you get relief soon. And you will be in Italy soon. Yeah!


  4. Oh no — what a pain! I hate being itchy, there are few things more maddening than that. Unless it’s being stuck in a doctor’s office, waiting for a prescription when you know what you need…..
    I hope the prednisone has kicked in and the itching (and rash) are subsiding. I’ve take prednisone occasionally for severe allergies (mine affect my breathing) and it has taken effect pretty quickly.
    I’m sure that things will settle down by the time you leave for Italy. Continuing the Slow Travel theme of making lemonade from lemons these days, I suppose it’s good that this happened now, and not closer to your departure date.


  5. Thanks so much everyone for your well wishes.
    Kathy, I agree that seeing my doctor was the right thing to do. I probably should have tried to get in on Saturday morning, but never imagined it would get this bad. Glad you like my trip counter. It is actually freaking me out more and more each day though since I am not doing what I need to do yet to get ready.
    Annie, I wish she knew that info. I did mention that I have had reactions to “white flower”, a chinese menthol type oil. She did dilute it by mixing it in with lotion for me and I guess I just wasn’t thinking clearly and said it would probably be ok.
    Amy, just what I need at the beginning of my vacation. I am excited but in that denial/not moving much to get anything done phase. I always work best on procrastination mode but thought with leaving a little later after school got out, I would leisurely get things ready but right now all I can do is itch!
    marta, I have had both poison oak and poison ivy and this is just like it except without all the oozing blisters. My first thought was that pink calamine lotion!
    Sandra, I always have fought going on prednisone for asthma problems but this time I was begging for it. I was frustrating waiting when I knew what I needed but my doctor is wonderful and I am glad he also thought about giving me an antibiotic. That would be all I would need next is an infection. He knows I am going to Italy and said to return on Friday if it is not much better. I have been taking photos of the rash and although it still is quite noticeable and itchy, the redness has changed to a pink color so it is getting better slowly. He said it would take a couple of days. I am very thankful this didn’t happen right before I was leaving. I could not imagine flying with this itchy rash.


  6. I agree – I wish our pharmacists could dispense as much as the Italians! I got a terrible rash last summer, and thank heavens the pharmacist was able to sell me some decent strength cream that cleared the itch in a day or two (although the red spots lingered on and on…) But I’m SO glad to hear this is beginning to clear up. As if that long flight won’t be uncomfortable enough as it is, nevermind with an itchy rash.


  7. Thanks Anne. The itch is just about gone now. The redness is more of a pinkness at this point. I understand the point of having to go to the doctor for a follow-up if something is serious but when it is obvious that a certain medicine is needed (and confirmed by the pharmacist) it would be nice to be able to get it as soon as possible. I was glad though that my doctor decided to also give me an antibiotic. Just think if my next step ended up being an infection!


  8. Thanks Chiocciola. It now just looks like a pinkish tan. I also wanted to thank you for checking out my blog while traveling to all these great countries. I now can add Guatemala and Suriname to my list of countries :)


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