drop baby drop

A fun song to start off your day…

This is one of my favorite upbeat local songs. The video portion is basically still photos and the rainbow photo is pretty much it until 1:30 into the song, but there are a few nice island photos midway through. The song is really the best part. The only bummer is that the last “drop” gets cut off at the end of the video but it was the best acoustic version I could find.

Drop Baby Drop/Who Loves You Pretty Baby – by the Mana`o Company

Enjoy your day…

8 thoughts on “drop baby drop

  1. That’s lovely! I’ve been singing Thank God I’m a Country Boy by John Denver with my kids at school all day. :)
    It’s part of a concert piece I am writing for them. And it’s such fun to sing.


  2. Lovely song to start the day. Thanks! The photos are gorgeous!
    ( I have to tell you that when I saw the title of the entry and knowing that you’re leaving soon to Italy, I thought for a moment that it had something to do with every traveler’s wishful thinking for the value of the euro to drop.)


  3. And look at that trip meter dropping…..only a week and a day to go!
    Are you feeling organized? Lists all over the place? (One of my pre-travel rituals: making several lists, then losing most of them)


  4. Glad y’all enjoyed the song.
    María,that is so funny. I actually wondered what everyone would think when reading the title, but never connected it to hoping the euro would go down. Nice thought though :)
    Sandra, I don’t know what it is this year, but I am just in this paralyzed state not getting anything done and for once I have the extra time instead of leaving right after work is out. Maybe I only work under a deadline by procrastinating til the end. I am hoping I can spend a good amount of time tomorrow working on my lists, printing my train schedules, and maybe even doing a little pre-packing.


  5. What a fun song! And lovely images too. (My first thought was that you must know a pregnant woman who’s overdue…my thoughts ran something like that when my youngest decided not to arrive until 11 days past her due date.)
    Wheeee, only SIX days to go!!!


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