10 thoughts on ““emotion(s)” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. María, I was wondering if you would guess. It was taken in Parma. I just happened to be walking by as they passed.
    Thanks Annie. I love the guy in the tie watching the bride and groom ride by. He looks so proud. I wondered when I took the photo if he knew them. Yes, 7 more days! I better start getting my act together and get organized soon!


  2. Well, yes, it looks like northern Italy. Now that I have time to look at the pictures in detail, I see that the guys are wearing a white unbuttoned shirt over some sort of sports uniform. Could it be the Parma soccer team colors? It’s so funny to see that they are also wearing ties. It seems that this couple is well-known in Parma.
    I’m procrastinator when it comes to preparing for a trip. I do printouts about three days before leaving but the actual packing doesn’t get done until the day before. I’m so excited for you. Are going to be blogging? Please take a bunch of pictures of SML.


  3. Hi Girasoli, these are great photos! Now that’s what I call an entrance . . . The bride & groom and everyone else looks so happy.
    Wow 7 more days! Whoo hoo! I really enjoyed reading about your trip last year.


  4. Crikey – you must be going soon!
    I remember photographing a wedding in Parma 16 years ago! Sheesh – we often get to the same places, you and I. :)


  5. That’s quite a way to make an entrance!
    Girasoli, I’m watching your trip meter drop, only five days untll you leave — yay!
    Will you be blogging from Italy? I hope so, I enjoy your blog!


  6. Thank you everyone for you nice comments. My best emotion photos are of my students but I don’t feel comfortable posting them. I have tried for the most part to keep to the major theme of my blog (Hawaii & Italy) for most photohunt posts. Glad you enjoyed these photos.
    Weddings are always so wonderful to see. I love to see the similarities and differences between American and Italian weddings. Of course, this wedding was definitely unique :)
    I do plan to blog while in Italy … of course that always depends on internet access. I probably won’t post photos though since I have no idea how to do that by public computer, especially since resizing the photo is also involved.
    I cannot believe it is now less than a week away! Of course I still have not done hardly anything I need to do yet. At this point it all seems so overwhelming! I haven’t even made my to do lists!! (at least I have my last few saved that I can copy).


  7. Hi Girasoli, Wow, you only have less than a week to go. I always get overwhelmed before my trips too, so I also rely on my “To Do” lists a lot.
    It’s going to be fun living vicariously through all you Italy bound travelers.


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