5 thoughts on ““water” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. Hi Girasoli, these are all wonderful water theme photos! I love the reflections in the water and all the colors! And I’m a sucker for beautiful sunset shots! Awesome photos!


  2. Ooh – for a start,your photos are brilliant, and secondly – someone else mentioned Lerici in a PhotoHunt post today – just briefly, with just one photo. How interesting to read about it twice today! It wasn’t like yours though, just a brief mention as a part of a post.
    I just love all your photos, can’t wait for you to come back and show us all you have seen. Have a wonderful time!! :)


  3. Cool photos! I’ve never been to Lerici but it’s been mentioned so often on the boards that I will have to check it out. I’m sure I won’t have a hard time convincing my husband – the sailor – to visit Lerici. Buon viaggio! I imagine your first flight leaves in the evening?


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