my last day in Bologna (2008 trip)

Thursday, July 10th
My plan for Thursday was to visit some of the museums in Bologna. The first museum I went to was the Museo Civico Medievale (Medieval Museum). It is located near the Piazza Maggiore. When I arrived, all of the doors were closed. The hours by the door stated that the museum should have been open. I tried opening the doors, thinking that perhaps the doors were closed to keep the AC inside. Neither of the two doors would open. I couldn’t figure out why the doors were locked. I then noticed a little sign saying that on Thursday, the museum would be closed for meetings. What luck!

The second museum I wanted to visit was the Museo Civico Archeologico (Civic Archaeological Museum). I was told that it was right near the Piazza Maggiore, but I couldn’t find it. I went into the tourist info office, to find out where it was located. A very nice woman was working there on Thursday. I told her that I knew that the museum was nearby but I just could not find it. She smiled and gave me the directions. It was located on a little street to the left of the Duomo. When I arrived, the man told me that it was closed because of a meeting. Ugh!! I could not believe I was in Bologna for 6 days and chose the day that obviously all of the museums were closed to visit the museums. The man told me that the Egyptian section of the museum was open even though the rest of the museum was closed. Although it was not as good as the Egyptian Museum in Torino, it was still interesting.

After leaving the museum, I hung out in the Piazza for a while. Creepy man number two started talking to me. I tried to ignore him. He continued to talk to me trying to use both English and Italian. It is times like these that I wish I knew a rare language that I could use so that it looked like I did not understand. I walked across the piazza, trying to get into the church. I was wearing clothing acceptable for church entries, but had my tiny backpack with me, which I sometimes use as a purse. I was stopped at the entry point being told no ziano (backpack). They would not even let a priest in with his backpack. What a ridiculous rule since my little backpack was smaller than many purses ladies were carrying. I have been in this church before so it was not a big deal, but it still was a little irritating.

Instead, I walked up and down a few of the streets where all the fruit and vegetable stands and some of the fish markets were located. As I was walking up one of the streets, creepy man number two reappeared. He started talking to me again. I ignored him and he finally left. I went into Tamburini to get some lunch. I bought a little plate of greek salad and a little plate of pasta salad. The greek salad was very good, but the pasta was mushy and not so good. I sat in the Piazza Maggiore eating the salad. It was a beautiful day.

After finishing my lunch, I wanted to go to Pasticceria Laganà, a pasticceria that is very well known in Bologna. Thank you again Chiocciola for the recommendation. It was located on Via Santa Stefano. I went back to the Piazza Santa Stefano. A very nice man asked me if I needed help when I took out my map. I told him that I was trying to figure out how far of a walk it was to this pasticceria which was on Via Santa Stefano. I told him I could not remember the name but had the info in my bag. He asked if it was Laganà that I was looking for. I was surprised at how famous this pasticceria was. He showed me where it was located in the map. I asked him if he thought it was closed since it was the time of the day when lots of places close. He wasn’t sure. I thanked him for the info and continued walking. I found it after a long walk at the end of the street near the porta. It was closed. The hours outside said that it would be open again later in the afternoon.

I realized that La Sorbetteria, a gelateria that I read was one of the best in Bologna, located on Via Castiglione was nearby. I usually order the smallest size cone which comes with two flavors, but since this was my last day in Bologna, I decided to get the next size to try the nocciola, pistachio, and caffè flavors. The gelato was wonderful!! In my opinion, Grom, Gelateria Gianni, and La Sorbetteria all make great gelati. Perhaps there are a few flavors that are better in one or another of the places. The gelato I had at La Sorbetteria came in a cone cup. The bottom was leaking and I ended up with caffè gelato all over my hands. It was quite a mess.

I went back to my hotel since it was nearby. I turned the TV, not intending to take a nap, but only to rest. I fell asleep soon after. I woke up a little while later and went back out to go Pasticceria Laganà. I wanted to buy some treats to take to Coccaglio for Katia and Guido. I had more bus tickets and took the 33 bus since it had a stop near the end of Via Santa Stefano. Pasticceria Laganà was open and had many delicious looking treats. I told the woman that I wanted to buy some things that would not spoil since I would be taking them on two trains and could not keep them refrigerated. She helped me choose a few types of little sweets. She wrapped it up with a ribbon. I then told her that now I wanted to buy something for me. I chose a zabaglione pastry and a pastry with strawberries and whipped cream. I then had to decide if I wanted to go back to my hotel or go into the centro where I wanted to have my last dinner in Bologna.

I checked out the bus schedule at one of the stops nearby. I recognized one of the stops listed and took the bus. I was starting to figure out the bus schedule just as I was leaving Bologna. I took the bus into the centro. Because I had the two pastries that needed to stay refrigerated and I was now not going back to my hotel to put them in the little refrigerator in my room, I sat in the beautiful Piazza Galvani and ate both of them. The zabaglione pastry was very delicious and filling. The strawberry and whip cream pastry reminded me of the strawberry shortcake that my mom used to make. It was my favorite! Of course after eating gelato earlier and now the two pastries, I was not very hungry.

I couldn’t decide where to eat. I walked around checking out a few restaurants I had listed as recommendations but in the end I decided to go back to Ristorante Teresina since I knew that I would not be disappointed with the food there. I ordered the tortelloni filled with ricotta cheese and spinach in a burro e salvia sauce (butter and sage). It was homemade and so delicious. I was much too full to eat anything else. I waddled back to my hotel to pack.

I ended up watching il Pesce Innamorato, a very funny Italian movie, until midnight and then started my packing for my train ride to Coccaglio the following day.

I had a wonderful time in Bologna and only wish I could have stayed longer.

Next up – Friday ~ travel day to Coccaglio

One thought on “my last day in Bologna (2008 trip)

  1. We seem to go to so many of the same places! I have been to Bologna twice but have not stayed there, I was staying in Modena each time, and we got the train to Bologna.
    Once was on my first trip to Itlay and the second time was when the boys were little, and we had the aunt’s car for the three months, but wanted to take the boys on a train ride – so we to a friend’s apartment in Bologna to have lunch.
    Oh, and I remember going to the Egyptian Museum in Torino, as well. :)


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