“what IS that?” ~ PhotoHunt


And here’s another view:


I guess a better title would be “why”?

saw this chicken in a yard during our bike ride on Monte Isola in Italy last weekend.

Click here for more on my visit to Monte Isola.

9 thoughts on ““what IS that?” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. Why indeed! I guess Italy has no zoning laws :-) Thanks for stopping by…and the answer to mine is it’s an Ugly Doll. If you’re interested, you can see in entirety and read about by clicking on link in my post.


  2. María and Annie, good guess! Katia told me that they had a parade there every year and the chicken was probably a float for the parade. But still…why would you have a chicken in your yard? And no, it did not cluck, or at least not while I was checking it out. I am not sure what it was made out of. It seemed to be made out of a shiny type of paper, maybe some sort of material?


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