private beaches ~ Santa Margherita Ligure

The first photo is of a beach that is semi-private, meaning that you can still walk down this beach.


The next three photos were taken at the far end of SML (closer to Portofino) where I believe you need to belong to have access.


8 thoughts on “private beaches ~ Santa Margherita Ligure

  1. Hey – isn’t that my hotel where I have stayed at twice, in the center of the top picture – for a week each time? The Lido Palace with the wrought iron balconies out the front.


  2. Hi Girasoli, Beautiful photos! The colors are so vivid. Now I really want to visit SML!
    Thanks for posting these so quickly.


  3. I love my new camera (although right at the end of my trip the focus started acting up). I still need to call Canon since it is under warranty. *update – camera heading back to Canon for warranty repair). I do need to learn to use more of the advanced features though.
    I loved my new little carry on wheelie bag. Perfect size and good features.
    Shoes…I wore my new clogs (which I mainly bought for rainy weather and the airplane) only on the plane. I could have easily left them at home leaving more room in my luggage (but if it rained, I would have wanted them). I wore my new chaco sandals a few times. They were comfy but my Chacos are still my top choice.


  4. Thank goodness for warranties! I’m glad your new stuff worked out for you. I need to find a store with Chaco’s and try on a pair. I’m always on a quest for new comfort shoes.


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