5 thoughts on “boats ~ Santa Margherita Ligure

  1. Hi Girasoli, great photos! SML seems like a really laid back relaxing kind of town! And the water looks so calm …
    Thanks so much for posting these.


  2. Leslie and María, I am a huge boat lover also. I took TONS of photos of boats while on the Ligurian Coast. For a while, my dream was to live on a boat. Now with the computer age and all and being here for a hurricane, I decided on the living part, but still love to be on a boat.
    Kathy, the water was very calm when I was there, although I suspect it can get rough during stormy times. I was lucky to have sunny, warm weather the entire time I was in Italy. The only day it was cold and stormy was the day I left.
    Sandra, work starts tomorrow. I can’t believe another school year is here already! I wish I was there right now also!! At least I have the memories and the photos.


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