statue of Santa Margherita

One of the things on my list of “to do” items was to take a photo of the statue of Santa Margherita. I don’t know how I can’t remember seeing this wonderful statue the last time I was in Santa Margherita Ligure back in 2003. It is located right near where the boats depart for Rapallo, Portofino, and San Fruttuoso. María posted a wonderful photo of this statue on her blog a couple of months ago. I was not able to capture this statue as well as María did, but here are my three tries.


The inscription on the base of the statue:


According to Debra Cole-Weber of the Pittsburgh, Pa., the statue of Santa Margherita faces the sea to pray for the safe return of the fishermen of her city.

7 thoughts on “statue of Santa Margherita

  1. I love those photos. I especially like the third one where the guy fishing has his arms raised too, almost like hers. It’s a beautiful statue!


  2. Fantastic photos of the statue of S. Margherita! I love the different angles. I have to show the second photo to my husband. He’ll be very excited to know that sailboats are allowed to set anchor at the harbor in SML.


  3. Girasoli, these are lovely photos. I also like all of the different angles (and I like the inscription at the base of the statue — that`s a lot of adjectives for one saint!)


  4. María, I still like your photo better.
    Yes, I did see lots of boats anchored offshore, especially on the weekend.
    I do thing the 2 fishermen photos are cool. I took them on 2 different days, but when looking at them now, it really looks like the same person.


  5. Hi Girasoli, these are wonderful photos! I love all of them and especially that second one, with the mountains in the background, the sailboat anchored quietly in the harbor, the Madonna statue with her arms raised and the fisherman below. Postcard perfect! Wow, it just makes me really want to drop everything, and put myself in that frame….
    Thanks also for pointing out Maria’s photo, which I somehow missed. She also has a beautiful photo at sunrise.
    Enjoy the Red Sox/Yankees series! Go Red Sox!


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