“hanging” ~ PhotoHunt

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed myself at the aquarium in Genova (Italy). The first five photos are all of various sea life (and a couple of people) “hanging out”.

Jellyfish hanging out. I was mesmerized by all of the amazing jellyfish displays. Here are photos from two of the displays.


A seal hanging out at the top of the tank. He or she hung out there for quite a while, then swam around a bit, and then returned to the exact same spot once again.


A shark hanging out, possibly watching lunch swim by?


A mom with her son watching more sharks hang out.


Nearby the aquarium in Genova, I found more examples of “hanging”. To the right of the aquarium, two statues hanging off of a ship.


…and to the left of the aquarium a strange hanging thing that people seemed to be paying to go inside and take a ride up a few feet in the air. I didn’t really understand the purpose of this other than to get a view from up high. I did not inquire about the cost.


15 thoughts on ““hanging” ~ PhotoHunt

  1. Gorgeous photographs! I like them all but the jelly fish photos are awesome. Loved the ship’s figurehead; never seen one with two of them. Happy weekend!


  2. I have a similar photo of jellyfish, I’m thinking for “strings” week.
    I like the shot of the front of the boat.
    My “hanging photo” was from vacation last summer…


  3. Carver, I agree! I like them much better behind glass.
    María, my favorite are the jellyfish also. I didn’t even realize there were two of them til I downloaded my photos. There were so many of those annoying men selling the fake goods all by the ship, that I did not spend much time there.
    Patricia, thanks. I have never seen a jellyfish like the one in my second photo before.
    prettylifeonline, you were not too late. Saturday ends much later here in Hawaii, so I am usually one of the last ones with a photohunt post up. Glad you liked my catch :)
    Ellen, I should have planned ahead. I didn’t even realize “strings” was coming up. My first photo would have been perfect.
    Colin, not that I know of :)
    Leslie, I do too!
    Thanks for stopping by everyone and Happy Weekend!!


  4. Those are great pictures – the display of jellyfish at the aquarium in Monterery are equally amazing. I wish that we had made it to Genoa when we were in Italy this trip but I have added it to the growing list of things to do ‘next time’.


  5. Wonderful photos! The jellyfish are so beautiful. And I like the statues on the boat too. I’m guessing that the guy at the top is Poseidan/Neptune but I can’t figure out who the boy hanging on his leg is. You got some great shots for these theme!


  6. Hi Girasoli, great hanging out theme photos! That jelly fish close-up is awesome. Cool ship statues too! Well done…
    Have a great Sunday!


  7. Wow, those are FANTASTIC photos!!! I absolutely love those jelly fish ones, they are luminous, my gosh those odd creatures are gorgeous, aren’t they?! Even the little ones we have around Nova Scotia are so pretty…too bad about the stinging part!


  8. Wow, what superb photos!!
    Also, your link in comments should have brought me here but didn’t -it took me to a pade not found type page and I had to search for you- but I found you.


  9. Jerry, visiting the aquarium was not on my list of things to do while in Genova, but since it was so hot out and everything else was closed after lunch, I figured, why not. I am so glad I did! I have never seen jellyfish displays before. I may need to add the Monterey Aquarium to my list of places to visit. Thanks for the tip.
    Annie, I bet you are right. I will have to try to find the answer to the ship mystery.
    Kathy, the jellyfish close up was my favorite shot also. It was amazing watching it move around.
    Palma, always happy to help in your shopping quest and glad both you and Brad enjoyed the photos.
    Anne, I know. It is too bad they sting. I have only seen the man-o-war jellyfish here. I took video too but need to figure out how to post it.
    tnchick, thanks for visiting my blog. So sorry that I messed up with my link on your site. Not sure how that happened. I appreciate the fact that you did a search to find me and am glad you liked my photos.


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