more of the Duomo ~ Genova

Now this is a cool photo! Imagine visiting the Duomo back then.

(Wikimedia Commons photo – click on the photo for the source)

Here are a couple more photos of the Duomo from my visit this summer…


And here is a peek inside…


I lit one of these candles for Susie.


9 thoughts on “more of the Duomo ~ Genova

  1. The rose window seen from the inside of the church is beautiful! There’s a figure in the center of the rose that is not visible from the outside picture. I imagine the image is St. Lawrence? I love the votive trees in the Italian churches and it is very touching to see that there was a candle for Susie lit up in Genova.


  2. G; Thank you for taking me inside this Genoa church- it was closed when I was last there and I’m sorry to have missed it’s internal beauty.
    Lovely thought for lighting a candle – I followed the link to Susie’s story and the request – quite heartfelt and thoughtful. mahalo.


  3. Fantastic photos, Girasoli. What a beautiful Duomo. I particularly like the way you framed your first photo of the Duomo, looking at the entrance through the archway of another building.
    And the historic photo is!


  4. María, I kept looking at that white spot in the middle of the stained glass window trying to figure out what it was. I thought it must have been a reflection and didn’t even think about it being a figure. You are probably correct. Now I want to go back to check it out.
    Thanks Leslie.
    menehune, glad I was able to provide a peek. I wished I could have taken more photos that came out well, but I have not learned the tricks yet when in dark places to get good photos. Most end up pretty blurry.
    Annie, I wish I knew more history to share like you do on the churches you visit. I also just loved this church, both inside and out.
    Sandra, that was the only way I could get all of the church in the frame and even then, I couldn’t get the lions. The piazza is quite small in front of this church. I do think it ended up turning out pretty cool with it framed like that. Glad you liked it.


  5. Ok, first Portofino and now Genoa! I may have to take a few days sidetrip along that coast when am in Florence in October! Or perhaps best to leave that area for an entire trip when I can take my time and fully enjoy it! Isn’t it always so hard to know where to choose when planning a trip to Italy!
    I am loving your photos and stories, they are really making me excited to be in Italy myself soon!!


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