the Castello Brown in Portofino

As requested by my dad, here are more photos of Portofino. One of my favorite things I did while in Portofino was visiting the Castello Brown. If you ever get to Portofino (or return and have not visited this place yet), I recommend that you check this place out.


The entrance to the castle (looking back down from the top of the steps):


Inside the castle:





View of the castle from the garden outside:


13 thoughts on “the Castello Brown in Portofino

  1. The one time I went to Portofino, I hiked almost to the castle. I regret not seeing the castle, after seeing your gorgeous pictures. Love the shrine with the Pope and the one with the Madonna. Are the flowers bougainvilleas? They are lovely.


  2. Very beautiful, Girasoli! I love all of the plaques.
    And inside, it looks so light and airy for a castle, I suppose that’s the result of its restoration as a villa.


  3. Hi Girasoli, awesome photos. When I get to Portofino I think I would definitely enjoy visiting Castillo Brown. I love the interior shots and also liked the shrine photos too!
    Thanks so much for posting these wonderful photos!


  4. María, that is what I did the first time I visited Portofino! This time I didn’t make it to the lighthouse, so I guess I will just have to go back again :)
    Glad you all liked the photos. I was very surprised by the inside also. I wasn’t sure if it was ok to take photos inside so I did not take many of the black and white photographs on the wall, but that was my favorite part.
    I am exhausted from work (just started back this week – new class – new little preschoolers trying to learn structure of schools – EXHAUSTING!! I will probably cut down to 2 or 3 posts a week for a week or two – plus I want to find time to watch the olympics.


  5. Ahhhh, so gorgeous, I can’t stand the beauty!!! :) I wonder if I could slip over to Portofino for a couple days from Florence…I must check out the train schedules!


  6. Anne, I think it might be a little too far on the train for a day. You would have to go to Santa Margherita or Camogli (two train stops in between Portofino) and then get transportation to Portofino. Not sure if the boats run every day or at all in October. It is beautiful there though. I still have more photos to share. It is so hard to decide where to go in Italy since there are so many wonderful places to visit there.


  7. What wonderful photographs.
    I believe this is the Castle from the book, and film of the same name, ‘Enchanted April’.
    Does anyone know if it’s possible to rent the Castle?
    Will be very interested to hear.


  8. Thanks for stopping by Hilary! I don’t believe I have heard of Enchanted April. I will have to check it out. I believe it is possible to rent the castle. I thought I remembered reading this on a website but can’t seem to find it now. You might want to ask on Slow Travel. There is always someone there that can get the answer.


  9. Enchanted April is set at this castle… almost the entire movie is. It’s a place that I must visit… on my “bucket list” for sure.
    Thank you for sharing your pictures.


  10. Hi debra, I never put that together before. Interesting. I just watched Enchanted April a few weeks ago. For some reason, I thought it was shot on the Amalfi Coast but I could never figure out where. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my photos :)


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