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I was just over at Michelle’s bleeding espresso blog. She is playing a fun game on her blog (which I am copying…thank you Michelle). She calls it “blog my blog”. She got the idea from the blog, An Island Life. Interesting how this is coming full circle – Hawaii to Italy to Hawaii!!

Here’s how it works:

I will start with a question.

The next person answers the question and then asks a new question.

The next person answers that question (the question the second person asked) and then asks a new question. And so forth…

If you are still confused, check out Michelle’s blog my blog post, and even if you are not, check out her blog! She is a very talented and entertaining blogger. Her blog was one of the first I started reading a couple of years ago.

Here goes…the first question:

If you were given only one day to spend in your favorite place in the world, what would you do? (Oh I guess this is sort of two questions since you will have to also say what your favorite place in the world is).

*Click on comments to play along…
Happy 8-8-08 and Happy Weekend!!

16 thoughts on “blog my blog

  1. Just like I can never settle on a favorite book, I have a hard time settling on a favorite place. Tonight, I’m thinking Powell’s bookstore in Portland…I would spend the day wandering back and forth between the travel section and the fiction section. At the end of the day, I’d take my humongous pile of books to the checkout line and leave a happy camper…because I would have lots of books to read about future favorite places.
    What is your favorite souvenir from your travels?


  2. Kind of ironic, but the first time I came to Calabria, I took home some sand in a glass souvenir bottle. Now I live here, but I’ve still kept the bottle to remind me of that fabulous two weeks that changed my life…hey I may have to blog about that! Thanks!
    Question: If you knew you would have thirty free minutes completely free of interruptions, what would you do?


  3. Ach! I’m pathetic, the answer would be either write on my blog or read other blogs!
    Okay, so now I ask a question, hmmm…. If you received a $10,000 tax free windfall, what would you do with it?


  4. A $10,000 tax free windfall….
    I’d take at least a two-month long sabbatical from work and go to Italy. Not just Venice but extended time in Rome, Assisi, and Sicily too.
    My question: Funniest thing that’s happened to you while traveling?


  5. Girasoli, I feel bad! I think my question was a dud so I’ll answer it and try to ask a better one. :)
    Funniest thing (which I’ve blogged about): crashing a wedding and getting locked in Basilica di San Marco in Venice.
    Okay, let me think of a better question. Better yet, I’ll go over to Bleeding Expresso and borrow one:
    If you could be an animal, which one and why?


  6. Girasoli, I’m not sure that I’m doing this correctly, but I’ll give it a try by answering Annie’s question. (And I have to say, Annie, that your experience crashing a Venetian wedding and getting locked in San Marco is hilarious!)
    Meanwhile, in answer to your question, I must say that I was a grizzly bear in a past life — my memories aren’t clear, but to this day, I’m very comfortable eating all fall and sleeping all winter…….
    Anyway, I think if I could be an animal, again, I’d be a grizzly bear. Again.
    So, this inspires my question: Who or what were you in a past life?!


  7. I think I was a poor peasant! When I was a kid/teenager and reading books about peasant girls “in the old days”, they always seemed to struck a cord with me. Plus, it seems that everyone, when talking about potential previous lives, was someone important, like an emperor or the daughter of a nobleman or something. Sorry people, we can’t all have been rich and famous in our past lives!
    My question: If you speak a foreign language, which one is it and why did you learn it? If you don’t, what language would you like to learn, and why?


  8. German and Italian, learned out of dire necessity from living in Germany and Italy. German took five years for me to learn properly and is my only fluent foreign language. I have been here four years and have not nearly got the level of fluency in Italian that I have in German — maybe because I started learning Italian at age 45 when my brain cells all started to atrophy. Or maybe because I sit on my hill way too much. In any event, German is easier for me and I don’t need to think and don’t get a headache when I speak it all day. Italian still fatigues me to speak for several hours so I want to go back to school in the off season and NAIL THE CONJUNCTIVE AND CONDITIONALS. Oh well.
    My question: What is your favorite wintertime meal, from first course to last?


  9. Hi Girasoli,
    To answer Diana’s question
    For winter time I like something hot. I would start with a nice green salad, a nice home made spinach lasagna (one of the few things I actually know how to make from scratch, have a nice slice of desert (any kind would do) and wash it all down with a nice glass of white wine (Italian would be nice).
    Here’s my question: What is your most memorable travel moment? And why?
    Ps Michelle’s blog is very cool, thanks so much for posting her link!


  10. My most memorable travel moment was when my son met me in Rome on Dec. 2001 while I was spending three months traveling in Italy. It was his second time in Rome, the first being when he was 4 months old. The wonder in his eyes as he saw all the sights in the city was priceless. And I had the best two weeks of my life showing Pablo why I love Italy. Attempting to cross a street in Naples after drinking a bit too much wine was a bit scary but exhilarating.
    question: if you could go anywhere for the very first time, where would you go?


  11. Thanks so much for keeping my blog alive the past few days and to everyone who has left a comment.
    Kim, of course you can play more than once! No major rules here
    If I could go anywhere for the very first time, and I could get there and then spend one day there, I would choose Antarctica. It would be much too cold though to be there for more than one day. Otherwise, it would be one of the many wonderful places in Italy that you need a car to see.
    Kim, if you had an answer for that question, feel free to add your answer…
    New question: What is your favorite time of the day?
    I have tomorrow off – Statehood Day!! Yipee!! Three day weekend. I can finally catch up on things.


  12. Favorite time of the day:
    These days it’s the early evening when I get home from work. The cats are waiting for me at the door and after I feed them, we play! So much fun.
    New question: what’s your favorite holiday?


  13. I want to play again . . .
    Favorite Holiday: Chistmas
    (Can I cheat and say that my answer would be none other than the cool one, Prince”) Okay I’m good, next . . .
    New question: Who’s your favorite musical artist?
    Ps. I’m off today too! Whoo Hoo! (Have a great 3-day weekend)


  14. Oooh, favorite musical artist, you know, I’m going to have to say Billy Joel. He’s my go to guy when I’m feeling funky or down, or happy.
    Okay – we’re listening to the Olympics right now, so in that spirit, if you could compete in any Olympic event, which would it be?


  15. This is a tough one for me. There are a few events I would love to compete in. If I had to choose just one, I would have to choose the uneven bars in gymnastics.
    In the spirit of the Olympics, I am going to continue this question: if you could compete in any Olympic event, which would it be?
    I am also moving this post back to 8-8-08 (the date I originally posted this post).


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