the original bucket & the Palazzo Communale ~ Modena

After climbing the Torre della Ghirlandina, I visited the Palazzo Communale (town hall).

Stairway up to the Palazzo Communale:

This is where the original bucket is kept:

Besides the spot where the bucket is located, there were two more rooms open to visitors. Admission was free!! The rooms were quite beautiful with wooden furniture and painted ceilings. Definitely worth a visit if you visit Modena.

1st room:

2nd room:



6 thoughts on “the original bucket & the Palazzo Communale ~ Modena

  1. I really like the first photo. There is something that invites me into the stairway. The grill work is stunning. I keep expecting someone to suddenly appear at the top.


  2. I am so flattered by all of your comments. I used to think my photos were good til I took a photography class. Then I became much more critical. I so appreciate all of your comments. The grill work seemed to be typical of Modena. I have some more photos I plan to post later on with similar grill work. The stairway also reminded me a little of a famous stairway in Bologna. It must be a regional thing.


  3. Try not to be too hard on yourself, Girasoli, I think your photos are extremely good. I love the colour and the composition of your photos, and the way that you use light.
    These photos are great — the rooms are stunning and I especially like the way the bucket is in a position of honour in such a fancy setting!


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