il Duomo di Modena

The Duomo of Modena is huge! It was impossible to get the entire church in one shot.

There was a mass taking place the first few times I attempted to go inside the Duomo. Each mass was packed. Finally the last mass of the morning ended. There was so much to see. In just 15 minutes, the workers started to close the church for the day. I wish I had more time to spend inside the church. Modena is definitely on my list of places to visit again.

(Click on any photo to start a slide show ~ I have them grouped in 2 sets)

Happy September!!

7 thoughts on “il Duomo di Modena

  1. Those are wonderful photos, fantastic detail. This duomo looks exquisite. I love the interior ceiling mosaics (at least, they look like mosaics, with precious and semi-precious stones.)
    And are those lions laying down with lambs outside the main entrance?
    Did you use a flash inside, or just available light? My photos in churches always look so dark, even with a flash.


  2. Thanks everyone. It was an amazing church! I would recommend checking out the Duomo’s hours first as it seemed to be closed a lot according to another person trying to figure out when it would be open again. This may be special summer hours though??
    Sandra, I actually took a few photos of each shot (one with flash, and a couple with different ISO settings) since my camera was new to me. When I got home, I chose the best photo for each shot. I ended up choosing all of the photos that were without a falsh. My Canon G9 has better higher ISO settings (higher ISO settings are generally used in darker situations). I used 400 ISO in the darker settings and 200 ISO when there was some light. I did have to do a little editing as some of them came out a little yellowy without the flash but with the flash they were too dark. I don’t have an external flash which is a stronger flash that also would have helped. There was some light in the church but not much. I also had to make sure to hold the camera very still (I set it on something – tripod would have worked better but I always left it behind in my hotel room).
    The lions were pretty eroded. I assume they are lambs but again they were eroded and hard to determine. I have to say, I have seen better lions than those in Modena (unless they were carved that way on purpose).


  3. Thanks for the information on how you took your interior shots. It’s interesting that the photos with the flash came out darker, I wonder if cameras automatically adjust and close down their apertures (I hope I have that right) when they know the flash is on.
    Good idea to set the camera on something solid to avoid the shakes — I have to start doing that!


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