the forty-three meme

Deborah at Old Shoes-New Trip posted a list of 43 interesting city squares, plazas and piazzas from around the world. She is challenging her SlowTrav friends and travel blog readers to list the number of squares they have visited.

The rules:
Copy this list into your own blog and put an asterisk after each city square you’ve actually spent time in. (Riding past in a taxi or bus doesn’t count.) Please include the link back to Old Shoes-New Trip in your own entry and then leave a comment on Deborah’s post so she can find your blog and admire your count.

The Forty-Three MEME from Old Shoes, New Trip

1- Piazza Del Campo, Siena, Italy *
2- Piazza Della Signoria, Florence, Italy *
3- Staromestske Namesti, Prague, Czech Republic
4- Markt, Bremen, Germany
5- Grote Markt, Brussels, Belgium *
6- Piazza and Piazzetta San Marco, Venice, Italy *
7- Piazza Del Campidoglio, Rome, Italy *
8- Krasnaja Polscad, Moscow, Russia
9- Sultanahmet Meidani, Istanbul, Turkey
10- Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy *
11- St. Peter’s Square, The Vatican *
12- Place Des Vosges, Paris, France
13- Place Vendome, Paris, France
14- Place Des Terreaux, Lyon, France
15- Place Stanislas, Nancy, France
16- Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
17- Schlossplatz, Stuttgart, Germany
18- Plaza De La Constitucion, Mexico City, Mexico
19- Praca do Comercio, Lisbon, Portugal
20- Trafalgar Square, London, UK
21- Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin, Germany
22- Konigsplatz, Munich, Germany
23- Winter Palace Square, St. Petersburg, Russia
24- Piccadilly Circus, London, UK
25- Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy *
26- Piazza Dell’Unita D’Italia, Trieste, Italy
27- Theaterplatz, Dresden, Germany
28- Maria Theresien Platz, Vienna, Austria
29- Hosok Tere, Budapest, Hungary
30- Plaza De Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
31- Times Square, New York City, USA
32- Tian’anmen Square, Beijing, China
33- Praca Dos Tres Poderes, Brasilia, Brazil
34- Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Canada
35- City Hall Plaza, Boston, USA
36- Plateau Beaubourg, Paris, France
37- Tsukuba Center Square, Tsukuba, Japan
38- Place Du Nobre D’Or, Montpellier, France
39- Placa Dels Paisos Catalans, Barcelona, Spain
40- Parliament Square, Canberra, Australia
41- California Plaza, Los Angeles, USA
42- Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
43- Potsbamer Platz, Berlin, Germany

So far, I have read that Deborah has visited 15 squares and Marta has visited 13 squares. My grand total: 8! Pretty pitiful. Guess that means that I need to do more traveling! The only problem is that it is pretty difficult to tear me away from Italy whenever I do get the opportunity to travel. I just need more time and a stronger dollar!

Thanks Deborah for coming up with this fun post!!

11 thoughts on “the forty-three meme

  1. Interesting! Looks like I’ve been to the same eight as you, plus Times Square, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar. I know what you mean about the pull of Italy; sometimes I think I need to move on but when it comes time to plan, I just don’t want to go anywhere else.


  2. G: This sounds like fun! Thanks. Thoroughly enjoying your trip photos. A little nostalgic for New England? I’ve posted some of my photos from this year’s summer and last year’s fall sojourns on my blogspot. Menehune PS: Permission to add your blog to my roll?


  3. I have a feeling that the audience for our blogs will lean heavily toward the Italian. We all seem to have been to them.. and then added a few random ones in.
    It is fun to see where everyone has been.


  4. I love seeing where everyone has been. Sandra, so far, you win the prize!!
    Menehune, of course. I didn’t realize you had a blog until today. I tried to leave you a comment, but you have restricted commenting selected and I would prefer not to use my gmail name since that is also my email. The other choices don’t work for slow travel blogs. I do miss New England now and then but it has been so long since I left that Hawaii is truly my home. I think now that there is the internet, it is not as hard. If it wasn’t so far, I would get back there much more often.


  5. Hi Girasoli, your list almost mirrors mine . My total is 8. Interesting meme that Deborah started. I’ll have to go check out the others now.
    Have a great weekend! BTW, how’s the Red Sox doing?


  6. We have the same ones and I might have driven by the square in Brussels but that would not count. It’s interesting to see how so many of us have been to the same piazzas in Italy but somehow that doesn’t surprise me.
    Wow, Sandra, I’m impressed!


  7. Kathy, Interesting that we have been to most of the same places. The Red Sox are definitely still in it. Many of their players have been hurt. Most are finally returning, so hopefully we will have a strong finish and come in first in our division instead of the Wild Card winner (if we stay in front in the Wild Card lead).
    María, I guess one thing that is a common thread for all of us is our love for Italy :)


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